Delhi RTO List With Helpline Number & Functions Of RTO Office

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The Importance Of Delhi RTO

Delhi, being the capital city of India, has a significant number of vehicles plying its roads. The Delhi RTO plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper registration and licensing of these Delhi transport authority list, thereby maintaining road safety and compliance with transport regulations.

It is essential for all vehicle owners and drivers in Delhi to be familiar with the specific RTO in their area of operation.

The Importance Of Delhi RTO

Delhi RTO List

RTO LocationRTO CodeRTO LocationRTO Code
Mall Road, Delhi NorthDL-01Loni Road, North East DelhiDL-05
Tilak Marg, New DelhiDL-02Sarai Kale Khan, Central DelhiDL-06
Sheikh Sarai, South DelhiDL-03Mayur Vihar, East DelhiDL-07
West Janakpuri, West DelhiDL-04Wazir Pur, North West DelhiDL-08
Janakpuri, South West DelhiDL-09Rohini, North West DelhiDL-11
Vasant Vihar, South West DelhiDL-12Surajmal Vihar, DelhiDL-13
West DelhiDL-10SonipatDL-14

Additional Delhi RTO’s

Apart from the zonal RTOs mentioned above, there are additional RTOs in Delhi that cater to specific purposes:

Delhi RTO For Commercial Vehicles

The Delhi RTO for Commercial Vehicles, with the code DL06, focuses on the registration and licensing of commercial vehicles operating within Delhi. It ensures compliance with regulations and safety standards for commercial transport.

Delhi RTO For Transport Vehicles

The Delhi RTO for Transport Vehicles, with the code DL07, handles the registration and regulation of transport vehicles in Delhi. It plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and safety of public transport systems.

Functions Of RTO Offices In Delhi

Let’s continue our in-depth understanding of the various responsibilities and services offered by RTO offices in the capital city of India. Whether you are a vehicle owner, a prospective driver, or simply curious about the operations of RTOs.

Functions Of RTO Offices In Delhi

Issuance Of Driving Licenses

One of the primary functions of RTO offices in Delhi is the issuance of driving licenses. RTOs play a crucial role in ensuring road safety by conducting driving tests, verifying documents, and granting licenses to qualified individuals.

Vehicle Registration And Transfer

Another vital function of RTO offices in Delhi is the registration and transfer of vehicles. If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or have moved to Delhi with an out-of-state vehicle, you are required to register it with the RTO within a specified time period. 

The registration process involves verifying ownership, conducting inspections, and issuing the registration certificate (RC). Similarly, if you intend to sell your vehicle or transfer ownership, RTO offices facilitate the transfer process and update the necessary records.

Fitness Certification

RTO offices in Delhi are responsible for ensuring that vehicles plying on the city’s roads meet the necessary safety and emission standards. To accomplish this, RTOs conduct fitness tests for vehicles at regular intervals. 

These tests assess various parameters such as engine performance, brakes, lights, and exhaust emissions. Vehicles that pass the fitness test are issued a fitness certificate, while those that fail are required to undergo repairs and retesting.

Collection Of Road Tax And Fees

RTO offices in Delhi are entrusted with the collection of road tax and various fees associated with vehicle ownership and operations.

The revenue generated from these taxes and fees is utilized for the development and maintenance of roads, traffic management, and other transportation-related infrastructure in the city.

Conducting Awareness Programs

In addition to their regulatory functions, RTO offices in Delhi also play a significant role in creating awareness about road safety, traffic rules, and responsible driving. They conduct educational programs, workshops, and campaigns to promote safe driving practices among the public. 

Enforcement Of Traffic Rules And Regulations

Enforcement Of Traffic Rules And Regulations

RTO offices collaborate with the traffic police department to enforce traffic rules and regulations effectively. They monitor and penalize individuals who violate traffic laws, ensuring compliance with the prescribed guidelines.

RTO personnel are involved in activities such as issuing challans (traffic tickets), impounding vehicles, and conducting investigations in cases of road accidents or traffic violations.

Delhi RTO Helpline Number

Swami Viveka Nand ISBT at Anand Vihar, Delhi22148097
Vir Hakikat Rai ISBT at Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi24358343
Estate Manager/ Kashmiri Gate23860323
Estate Manager/ Anand Vihar22143783


We have provided you with a detailed list of the various RTOs in Delhi, ensuring that you can access the right information for vehicle registration, driver licensing, and other transport-related services. 

Stay informed, stay compliant, and make the most of your Delhi RTO experience. Remember, for any specific queries or detailed information about a particular RTO, we recommend visiting the official website of the Delhi RTO or contacting them directly.

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