Driving Licence Question Part 3 – Practice Driving License Test Questions & Answers

Following are the Driving Licence Question Part 3 question & answer check them carefully.

Driving Licence Learning Test – Driving Licence Question Part 3

  • Whenever You Approach a Yellow Signal Light Blinking Intersection, You Should.
  • Proceed at the same speed since there are no restrictions.
  • A green light will appear when the vehicle stopped.
  • Be sure that you are driving safely before slowing down.

  • Whenever a Yellow Line is Present On The Road, the Vehicle Should
  • The yellow line must not crossed or touched.
  • Overtaking permitted only through the yellow line on the right.
  • Pass the other vehicle once it has crossed the bridge.

  • You Should Pay Attention While Driving On Gradients.
  • As vehicles descend the hill, give them precedence.
  • As you ascend the hill, give priority to the vehicles.
  • It would help if you gave heavy-duty vehicles priority.

  • To Overtake a Vehicle From The Left, You Must
  • Upon indicating his intention to turn right, the driver proceeds to the center of the roadway.
  • Is it possible to fit everything on the left.
  • There is a slow movement in that vehicle.
Driving Licence Learning Test
  • Drunken Driving
  • Vehicles that are privately owned are allowed.
  • Nighttime is allowed.
  • In every vehicle, this prohibited.


  • Authorized Officers Have The Authority To Seize a Vehicle
  • Registration or permits are not valid for the vehicle.
  • A valid insurance policy is not in place for the vehicle.
  • Speeding is prohibited by the vehicle.

  • Type of Horn Permitted
  • The air horn.
  • Horn with multiple tones.
  • Horn powered by electricity.

  • There is a Road Where Reverse Gears Are Not Allowed
  • Road with only one direction.
  • Roads with steep descents.
  • Road with steep ascents.

  • Drivers Who Are Detected Drinking And Driving Can Be Punished
  • The maximum sentence is 6 months of imprisonment or a fine of Rs.2000/=.
  • A fine of up to Rs.4000/- or imprisonment of up to 1 year is possible.
  • Imprisonment for two years.

  • When there is less traffic, you will drive.
  • Only an instructor with a motorcycle driving license will accompany you when driving the vehicle.
  • Other than an instructor who holds a valid driving license to drive motorcycles, you will not carry any other person on the motorcycle.


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