Driving License Questions Part 1 – Driving License Practice Test Online

You can practice your Driving License questions part 1 by answering the following questions online. You can take the driving license test by Some off the link given below . Check your scores after submitting and verify answers. Best wishes.

Given links are for you . You can also check Driving License Questions, Driving License Tests, and Learn Driving License Symbols, Road Symbols, road signs, etc. Driving Licence online test Well be physical & online both situations are available.

Driving License Questions Part 1 – Learning Licence Test

Practice Driving License Test. Learning Driving License Test Questions

  • As pedestrians wait to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, should you.?
Driving Licence Learning Test

  • Proceed by sounding the horn
  • Pass, sound the horn, and slow down
  • Once the pedestrians have crossed the street, stop the vehicle and wait

  • An approaching vehicle approaches from the opposite direction, should you .?
  • Cross the bridge as fast as you can, increase your speed
  • As you pass the bridge, put on your headlight
  • Pass over the bridge once the other vehicle has crossed it

  • Here is what the sign means.
Please Stop - Driving License Questions
  • Please stop
  • There is no parking
  • Slow down

  • Here is what the sign means.
  • Keep to the left.
  • Slow down.
  • Don’t lose focus.

  • Accidents involving vehicles that result in injuries to individuals
  • Contact your local police station to report the accident and take the vehicle there.
  • You should notify the police, and they must stop the vehicle.
  • Report the injured to the nearest police station within 24 hours after ensuring their medical attention has been secured.

  • There is a one-way road on this road
  • There is no parking allowed.
  • It is illegal to overtake.
  • You should not use the reverse gear.

Check The Following SIGN.
  • Here is what the sign means.
  • Entry not allowed.
  • In a single direction.
  • End of the speed limit.

  • Overtaking a vehicle in front is possible
  • This vehicle is accessed from the right side.
  • From the left.
  • If the road is wide, go through the right side.

  • Here is what the sign means.
  • Prohibited right turns.
  • A sharp right-hand curve.
  • No U-turns allowed.

  • Before crossing a railway level crossing that is not guarded, the driver of a vehicle must observe the following instructions:
  • Ensure that no trains or trolleys are approaching from either side of the railway track by stopping the vehicle on the left side of the road, getting out, and going to the railway track.
  • The fastest way to cross the track is to sound the horn.
  • Once the train has passed, wait.

Driving License Test And Symbols – Road Signs

These All question well you in Online Licence test. Which well be held on Parivahan Web. Read More Part Of Driving Licence Test Part 2, Part 3. Part 4.

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