Practice Driving License Questions Part 2 –  Road Symbol and Road Signs

If you want to take a driving license questions test, then, first of all, you should know about their symbols. Before taking the driving license test, you should see the road signs and symbols. I have given some driving license questions in this article to help you in your trial. Driving License Questions Part 2 is also related to Part 1.

Driving Licence Test Questions – Questions For Driving Licence Test

  • The Entrance To The Hospital Has a Parking Lot in Front of it

  • The right way
  • Improper
  • In the absence of a NO PARKING sign, this is acceptable

  • Drivers Should be Aware of Slippery Road Signs on the Road

  • Cross The Bridge immediately , increase your speed
  • As you pass the bridge, put on your headlight
  • Pass over the bridge once the other vehicle has crossed it
Driving Licence Learning Test

  • Public Service Vehicle Drivers Who Smoke.
  • Suspended driving licenses can result
  • Only fines can attract
  • None of the above

  • A Bend is a Good Time to Overtake
  • Permission granted
  • This not allowed
  • is permissible with care

  • Driving While Drunk
  • Private vehicles allowed
  • At night, it allowed
  • In all cars, it prohibited.

  • Horns Are Not to Be Used
  • The mosque, the church, and the temple
  • Located near the hospital and the courthouse
  • Near the police station

  • Mirrors Are Used in The Rearview.
  • To see faces
  • As traffic approaches from behind, it is necessary to watch
  • To see the passenger in the back seat

  • While a Vehicle is in Motion, boarding And Alighting Are Prohibited
  • Buses permitted
  • Auto Rickshaws permitted
  • All vehicles prohibited

  • It is Permitted to Park.
  • During turns
  • Pedestrian paths
  • Non-prohibited parking areas

  • Vehicles are Filled With Fuel When They Are Driven
  • You shall not check the air pressure
  • Smoking prohibited
  • No Light well used 


That’s the Driving License Questions Part 2 You Can also Check More Driving License Questions Part 1, 3, 4 Etc. Driving License Questions Part 2 is also used for Online licence process of Parivahan web.

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