Online Practice Driving License Test / Driving License Questions Part 4

Driving License Questions Part 4 is here for you. You can Check & apply online using these answers & Questions.

  • A Left Side is an Option For Overtaking a Vehicle
  • Upon indicating his intent to take a right turn, the vehicle’s driver proceeds as far from the center of the road as possible.
  • On the left side of the page, there is enough space to work with
  • There is slow movement in that vehicle.

  • What is “Tail-Gating”?
  • Driving too closely behind another vehicle in an unsafe manner.
  • Assuring a safe distance from vehicles ahead and regulating speed in a proportionate manner
  • At least seven meters should be left between you and the vehicle ahead.

  • It Would Help if You Kept Vehicles at a Minimum Distance From Each Other
  • A distance of 10 meters
  • The height of 5 meters
  • According to speed, you should maintain a safe distance.

  • If There Are Broken White Lines On The Road, You Should
  • You shall not change the track.
  • Changing tracks is possible if necessary.
  • You must stop the vehicle.
Online Practice Driving License Test - Driving License Questions Part 4


  • When a Traffic Light Blinks Red, What Does It Mean?
  • You should stop the vehicle once the green light turns on.
  • As soon as the vehicle has been stopped, proceed if safe.
  • Reduce your speed as you proceed.

  • Defensive Driving – What Is It?
  • Drivers and other road users should drive cautiously to avoid violating traffic rules and signs.
  • No regard is paid to road signs when driving solely to reach the destination.
  • Taking precautions assuming other road users will share the same concern.

  • When We Talk About a Stop Line, What Do We Mean By That?
  • In the vicinity of road junctions and pedestrian crossings, a line 5 centimeters wide in white or yellow.
  • In yellow, a line crosses the middle of the road.
  • A broken white line marks the center of the road.

  • A Motorcycle’s Maximum Permitted Speed.
  • No limit
  • 50 Km/hr
  • 60 Km/hr

  • A Person Who Drives a Motorcycle Should Comply With Section 129 of The Motor Vehicle Act 1988
  • wear jerkins.
  • wear helmet.
  • wear shoes.

  • Driving in a Zigzag Pattern Involves
  • A two-wheeler is the only vehicle at risk
  • There is always a danger to everyone
  • Vehicles with four wheels are at risk


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