Haryana RTO List With Office Name & District Address

To comprehend the mystique of Haryana’s vehicle numbers, one must dive into the realm of the Regional Transport Office RTO Haryana List. The RTO, responsible for managing vehicle registrations, assigns unique numbers to each vehicle based on its geographical location. 

By understanding the nuances of this list, we can decipher the stories hidden within the number plates that grace the roads of Haryana.

Haryana RTO Number List

The Haryana RTO Number List encompasses a rich tapestry of letters and digits, interwoven with profound meaning. Each series of numbers and letters corresponds to a specific district, town, or city within Haryana. 

From Gurugram to Faridabad, Hisar to Karnal, the RTO number plates paint a vivid picture of the vehicle’s origin. They serve as a poetic reminder of the diverse landscapes and unique identities that thrive within Haryana’s borders.

Exploring The Haryana RTO Number List

Haryana Vehicle Number List With Office Name

RTO OfficeRTO CodeRTO OfficeRTO Code
AmbalaHR-01Ferozepur ZirkhaHR-28
Ambala CantonmentHR-85GanaurHR-42
BadshahpurHR-98Gurgaon NorthHR-26
BahadurgarhHR-13Gurgaon SouthHR-72
ChandigarhHR-70Jhajjar at BahadurgarhHR-63
Charkhi DadriHR-84JindHR-56
Charkhi DadriHR-19JindHR-31
Ferozepur ZirkhaHR-28KarnalHR-45
Gurgaon NorthHR-26LoharuHR-18
Gurgaon SouthHR-72Mahendargarh at NarnaulHR-66
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District-Wise RTO Codes

  • Gurgaon (G): The bustling metropolis of Gurgaon boasts a thriving economy and is symbolized by the letter “G” in the Haryana vehicle number list.
  • Faridabad (FH): With its industrial prowess and vibrant culture, Faridabad shines bright with the “FH” code, signifying its significance in Haryana.
  • Rohtak (RO): Known for its historical landmarks and educational institutions, Rohtak proudly carries the “RO” code, a testament to its rich heritage.
  • Hisar (HR): The ancient city of Hisar, with its glorious past and modern achievements, is represented by the “HR” code, echoing the resilience of its people.

These are just a few examples, as the RTO Haryana list encompasses numerous other districts, each adding its own distinctive flavor to the state’s vehicular tapestry.

District-Wise RTO Codes

Functions Of Haryana State Regional Transport Office

The Haryana State Regional Transport Office is your one-stop destination for all things related to transportation. From issuing driving licenses to registering vehicles, they ensure the smooth functioning of the state’s road network. With their expert guidance, you can renew your vehicle’s registration, transfer ownership, and obtain necessary permits effortlessly. 

Dedicated to road safety, they also conduct tests to ensure that drivers adhere to traffic rules and regulations. Trust the Haryana State Regional Transport Office for efficient and reliable transportation services, making your journeys safer and more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access The Complete Haryana Vehicle Number List?

To access the complete Haryana vehicle number list, visit the official website of the Haryana RTO or contact the respective RTO office.

Can I Choose A Specific Vehicle Registration Number In Haryana?

Yes, in certain cases, you can apply for a specific vehicle registration number by following the guidelines and procedures set by the Haryana RTO.

Are There Any Restrictions On Using Personalized Vehicle Registration Numbers In Haryana?

While there are certain restrictions and regulations regarding personalized vehicle registration numbers, you can consult the Haryana RTO for detailed information.

How Often Are New Vehicle Registration Numbers Added To The Haryana Vehicle Number List?

The addition of new vehicle registration numbers to the Haryana vehicle number list depends on various factors, including the demand for registration and the capacity of the RTO.

Can I Transfer My Vehicle Registration Number From One District To Another Within Haryana?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your vehicle registration number from one district to another within Haryana. However, specific rules and procedures apply, and you should consult the Haryana RTO for guidance.


As we bid farewell to the captivating world of Haryana’s vehicle number list, we realize that these alphanumeric combinations hold more than meets the eye. They are a bridge between the past, present, and future—a testament to the indomitable spirit of Haryana and its people. 

So, the next time you encounter a vehicle adorned with a unique Haryana vehicle number list, remember that it is not just a code but a glimpse into the soul of Haryana.

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