RTO List In India With RTO Code & State Wise Address

RTO List In India where RTO stands for Regional Transport Office in India. It is an organization that is responsible for various aspects of motor vehicle regulation and licensing at the regional level.

Each state in India has its own RTO that oversees activities related to vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, collection of road taxes, and enforcement of motor vehicle laws.

RTO List In India

There are so many rto located in India in different location here we describe some of most important & popular RTO in India in different state. Lets continue to rto office list from different state & city. You Can Also suggest us for more RTO Location which we can add them into these.

All India RTO Code List

The Function of the rto is to manage the Vehicle related service in their location here are also some of the primary functions of the RTO include if you want direct access to rto then you can contact rto toll free number.

Vehicle Registration: The RTO is responsible for registering motor vehicles and issuing registration certificates. This includes new vehicle registration as well as transfer of ownership for used vehicles.

Driving License Issuance: The RTO conducts tests and issues driving licenses to eligible individuals after they pass the required examinations. They also renew and update driving licenses as needed.

Collection Of Road Taxes: The RTO collects various road taxes, such as vehicle excise duty, road tax, and motor vehicle tax. These taxes contribute to the development and maintenance of road infrastructure.

Vehicle Fitness And Pollution Testing: The RTO conducts vehicle fitness tests to ensure that vehicles meet the necessary safety and emission standards. They also carry out pollution testing to control vehicular pollution levels.

Enforcement Of Motor Vehicle Laws: The RTO enforces motor vehicle laws, including traffic rules and regulations. They have the authority to issue fines and penalties for traffic violations and maintain records of such offenses.

Have a look at India rto code list of different rto which are famous & important in their state.

RTO Vehicle Number List

To find the specific RTO code for a particular state or region, you can refer to the official website of the respective State Transport Department or RTO. These websites usually provide information about RTO codes and vehicle registration details specific to that particular state or region.

But Here are some list for your better experience including their address and rto code. Click in the given image for better result.

FAQ’s About RTO List In India

What Is An RTO In India?

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. It is a government organization responsible for vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, collecting road taxes, and enforcing motor vehicle laws at the regional level in India.

How Many RTOs Are There In India?

The number of RTOs in India varies as each state has its own RTO offices. There are multiple RTOs within each state, depending on the size and population of the region.

What Is The Function Of An RTO?

The primary functions of an RTO include vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, collection of road taxes, conducting fitness and pollution tests, and enforcing motor vehicle laws and regulations.

How Can I find The RTO Office In My Area?

To find the RTO office in your area, you can visit the official website of the respective State Transport Department or RTO. They often provide contact information and office locations. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest RTO office or contact their helpline for assistance.

How Are Vehicle Numbers Assigned By RTOs?

Vehicle numbers are assigned based on the RTO code, which indicates the region or state. The registration number consists of a series of letters and numbers that uniquely identify the vehicle and its place of registration.


Here we describe some of the rto list in India from different state with their location & contact list for complete solution click on the given lick mention on the rto which direct you to the complete list & its officer contact number etc.

You can also call & send SMS on rto toll free number. If you have any direct query or any urgent help.

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