Tamil Nadu Rto List & How To Access Complete Code

If you are a resident of Tamil Nadu or planning to visit the state, it’s essential to understand the functions and locations of the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs Tamil Nadu Rto List) in Tamil Nadu. RTOs play a crucial role in vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, and enforcing traffic regulations.

We will provide you with an extensive list of RTO offices in Tamil Nadu, along with important information about each office. So, let’s dive in and explore the TN RTO List!

How To Access Tamil Nadu RTO List Online?

Accessing the TN RTO List is a straightforward process. The government has made it convenient for individuals to obtain the necessary information online. To access the tamil nadu rto number list , take these actions:

Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of the Tamil Nadu Transport Department.

Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of the Tamil Nadu Transport Department.

Navigate to the RTO Section: Look for the “RTO” or “Vehicle Registration” section on the website. It may be listed under the “Services” or “Online Services” tab.

Navigate to the RTO Section: Look for the "RTO" or "Vehicle Registration" section on the website. It may be listed under the "Services" or "Online Services" tab.

  • Select The Desired Option: Choose the option that allows you to search for the RTO List or vehicle registration details.
  • Enter Tthe Required Information: Provide the relevant details, such as the vehicle registration number, owner’s name, or chassis number, depending on the available search options.
  • Submit & Access the RTO List: After entering the required information, click on the “Submit” or “Search” button to retrieve the Tamil Nadu RTO List.

TN RTO Complete List & Gmail Address

Here’s the list of RTO offices, RTO codes, and their corresponding serial numbers arranged in six columns:

Here’s the adjusted table with 9 columns:

Serial No.RTO OfficeRTO CodeSerial No.RTO OfficeRTO CodeSerial No.RTO OfficeRTO Code
1AmbatturTN-1316Coimbatore CentralTN-6631Namakkal SouthTN-88
2AraniTN-9717Coimbatore NorthTN-3832OotyTN-43
3AriyalurTN-6118Coimbatore SouthTN-3733PalaniTN-94
4AtturTN-7719Coimbatore WestTN-9934PerambalurTN-46
6Chennai CentralTN-0121DharapuramTN-7836PollachiTN-41
7Chennai EastTN-0422DharmapuriTN-2937PoonamalleeTN-12
8Chennai NorthTN-0523DindigulTN-5738PudukottaiTN-55
9Chennai North EastTN-0324Erode EastTN-3339RamanathapuramTN-65
10Chennai North WestTN-0225Erode WestTN-8640RanipetTN-73
11Chennai SouthTN-0726GobichettipalayamTN-3641RedhillsTN-18
12Chennai South EastTN-0627HosurTN-7042SalemTN-27
13Chennai South WestTN-1028KancheepuramTN-2143Salem EastTN-54
14Chennai WestTN-0929KarurTN-4744Salem SouthTN-90
15ChidambaramTN-9130KovilpattiTN-9645Salem WestTN-30
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Access The Tamil Nadu RTO List For Free? 

Yes, accessing the TN RTO List is free of charge on the official government website.

What Information Can I Find In The RTO List?

The RTO List provides details such as the vehicle’s registration number, owner’s name, chassis number, and other relevant information.

Is It Possible To Check The RTO List Using A Mobile App?

Yes, some mobile apps offer the functionality to check the Tamil Nadu RTO List. Check the app store for options.

Can I Apply For A Driving License Online Using The RTO List?

While you can access information about driving licenses through the RTO List, the application process may require physical visits to the RTO office.

Are There Any Restrictions On Accessing The RTO List?

No, the Tamil Nadu RTO List is available for public access, allowing anyone to search for vehicle registration details.


The Tamil Nadu RTO List is a valuable resource for individuals, organizations, and government authorities. It serves as a comprehensive database of registered vehicles, aiding in vehicle verification details, law enforcement, and traffic management. 

Accessing the RTO List is convenient, thanks to the official government website. By understanding the RTO codes and utilizing the search functionality, users can easily retrieve accurate information about registered vehicles in Tamil Nadu. Stay informed and make the most of the Tamil Nadu RTO List to ensure transparency and safety on the roads.

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