Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules In India Complete Guide

That’s Great Your here for Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules info. Signs are the most important means of preventing accidents on the road that can kill motorists and pedestrians. A road accident costs more than 400 lives and 3% of the total GDP on Indian roads daily.

You must remember that Road Safety is important in India’s three main traffic sign categories. We have consolidated the details to make traffic signs easier to understand.

What Are The Traffic Signs In India? Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules

For optimum road safety, it is essential to understand traffic signs. The graphics on these traffic signs convey the basics of road safety in an extremely simple manner that is easy to understand within seconds.

For example, a person taking a driving test needs a thorough familiarity with all the traffic signs to pass the theoretical portion of the test. There are several types of traffic signs on Indian roads, which are below.

Different Types Of Traffic Signs In India – Driving Licence Sign

Three categories of traffic signs are most popular in India:

1. Mandatory Traffic Signs

It will help if you obey traffic signs in India at all times. Much important to follow mandatory signs, however. Failure to follow traffic rules is considered a traffic violation by the Indian Department Traffic penalties may be imposed on drivers who violate Highways and Traffic rules and signs.

As a result, pedestrians and vehicles on the road are aware of their movements, speed limits, no parking zones, etc.

Indian Traffic Signs Must Include The Following

Traffic SignsMeaning’s
StopSeeing this should cause drivers to stop immediately.
Give WayYou should use a traffic sign indicating the right turn lane.
Straight Prohibitor No EntryAreas with restrictions act indicated.
Pedestrian ProhibitedThere is a restriction on walking in this area.
Horn ProhibitedThis sign indicates areas where honking is prohibited.
No ParkingAreas marked with this sign are not allowed to park vehicles.
No Stopping or StandingThis sign warns against stopping or standing at marked locations.
Speed LimitedThis designated area has a speed limit that you must follow.
Right-Hand CurveA right-hand curve is a warning for the driver.
Left-Hand CurveThe driver is reprimanding a left-hand curve.
Right Hair Pin BendTurning sharply right should be avoided.
Left Hair Pin BendThe turn will be sharp and left-handed.
Narrow Road AheadA narrow road is a warning to the driver.
Narrow BridgeA narrow bridge ahead
Pedestrian CrossingCrossing the road is indicated by this sign.
School AheadA nearby school is mentioned to the driver.
RoundaboutA circular intersection is indicated to the driver.
Dangerous DipA sharp dip is nearby; Driver Must Be Aware.
Hump or RoughA nearby hump is pointed out to the driver.
Barrier AheadA road barrier is indicated to the driver. As an example, a toll.

2. Cautionary Traffic Signs – Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules

A cautionary sign in India warns motorists about potential risks or hazards ahead. Whenever cautionary signs are posted on the road, drivers must follow them or slow down their vehicles. Indian traffic signs are classified as cautionary under 40 categories. Check here the vehicle list in India for complete details.

Under each graphical symbol, a description of the sign is shown, even though the symbols themselves are self-explanatory.

Here Are Some Examples Of Cautionary Traffic Signs

Traffic SignsMeaning’s
Right-Hand CurveA right-hand curve is warned to the driver.
Left-Hand CurveA left-hand curve is being cautioned to the driver.
Right Hair Pin BendTurning sharply right should be avoided.
Left Hair Pin BendThe turn will be sharp and left-handed.
Right Reverse BendDrivers are cautioned that the road is dodging to the right.
Left Reverse BendThe driver will encounter a zigzag turn to the left.
Steep AscentSymbolizes a steep rise in the area.
Steep DescentAn area nearby has a steep descent.
Narrow Road AheadDrivers are warned of narrow roads ahead by this sign.
Road Wideness AheadWidens the road ahead.
Narrow BridgeA narrow bridge ahead.
Slippery RoadRoad id drown & Slippery in Rain.
Cycle CrossingBicycles are allowed on this road.
Pedestrian CrossingCrossing the road is indicated by this sign.
School AheadA nearby school is mentioned to the driver.
Men At WorkLaborers are working on the road ahead.
CattleThis sign indicates a possible cattle sighting.
Falling RocksNotifies drivers that rockfalls are likely on the road ahead.
FerryInformation about ferry services.

3. Informatory Traffic Signs – Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules

Informatory Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules

Drivers need to know about facility areas, thanks to informative signs, even if they are unfamiliar with maps. Nearby there are hospitals, petrol pumps, public toilets, etc. Here is the details about how to check & pay e challan Parivahan online easily.

In India, The Following Traffic Signs Are Important For Maintaining Safety

Public TelephoneThis symbol indicates nearby telephones.
Petrol PumpPetrol pumps can be found nearby, as indicated by this sign.
HospitalNearby hospitals.
First Aid PostThis sign indicates a nearby first aid facility.
Eating PlaceA nearby eating place, such as a restaurant or café, is indicated.
Light RefreshmentNearby light refreshments.
Resting PlaceResting places nearby are indicated by this symbol.
Through RoadA road exit is unavailable
Through Side RoadIt indicates that the main road is not equipped with a thoroughfare.
Park This SideDisplays where You should park the vehicle.
Parking Lot Scooter and MotorcycleScooters and motorcycles can be parked in this lot.
Parking Lot CycleIdentifies bicycle parking.
Parking Lot CarsThis sign indicates parked cars.

Functions of Traffic Signs in India?

In India, there are a wide variety of traffic signs. The following are listed:

  • They Provide information to drivers regarding the road, nearby facilities, and driving lanes.
  • Establishes a disciplined driving environment
  • Instructions for driving
  • The guide is for crossroads, potholes, curves, and other hazards on the road.
  • Places markers at the entrances and exits
  • Provides parking information
  • Ensures that speed limit is maintained when crossing any institute to avoid accidents

In India, Traffic Signals Can Also Be Divided into the Following Types

  • The traffic police use hand signals to communicate.
  • Road markings or pavement markings.
  • Signal lights at traffic intersections

Additionally, traffic signs help prevent road rage, profanity, aggressive acceleration, and road rage incidents on the roadway. Knowing and following all traffic signs is therefore advisable. You Can Also check these on your related rto like Tamil Nadu rto list.

Importance Of Traffic Signs In Daily Life

On the road in India, traffic signs are of utmost importance.

  • It would help if you avoided congestion, and traffic should flow smoothly.
  • Ensure the safety of lives by preventing accidents.
  • Describe the journey ahead and give them some needed information..
  • Reduce the number of traffic violations.
  • Navigating routes.


Q1. How Many Types Of Traffic Signs In India?

There are 3 Main type of traffic signs in India
1. Mandatory Traffic Signs,
2. Cautionary Traffic Signs,
3. Informatory Traffic Signs.

Q2. What is The Meaning Of Public Telephone Sign In Traffic?

This symbol indicates nearby telephones.

Q3. Is Narrow Bridge is Mandatory Traffic Signs?

Yes, Narrow Bridge is Mandatory Traffic Signs.


Following are the Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules Mostly used in India. That’s help a lot in a driver while Driving a road. If Some One need urgent help. New drivers will find these signs very helpful in navigating their way around the highway.

India’s Roadways and Traffic Department regularly updates the traffic sign chart to maintain an effective road traffic system.

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