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How to know vehicle owner is your question so your are on right place. You can use vehicle owner information to help you in road accidents and rash driving cases, for law enforcement and investigation purposes, or to purchase a second-hand vehicle. In case you lose any documents relating to your vehicle, vehicle details can be very useful.

You can find any details about the vehicle here. In the case of a stolen vehicle, you need to know the vehicle’s details if you plan on claiming it. Without valid documents, you must provide vehicle information.

The portal provides vehicle details for any vehicle, including cars, bikes, and trucks. In India, you can get information on vehicle registration, owner details, and vehicle registration number for any state, such as Delhi, Gujarat RTO , Rajasthan, etc. Vehicle owner search by registration number is an easy way for getting vehicle details. Get These detail physically using Rajasthan RTO Office nearby.

Parivahan Vehicle Details | Vahan Details By Number Plate

A user can also search vehicle by registration number online from these steps. With them you can find the owner of a vehicle easily. You can find owner of vehicle easily. Check vehicle no from following step. With online instructions. That’s how a user can find vahan information online easily.

Why Are Vehicle/Vahan Owner Details Important?

Vahan Details By Number Plate

Trace Vehicle Owner By Number Plate | Get Vehicle Details By Number Plate

Second-hand vehicle buyers need to understand the complete model number, information about the vehicle maker, and complete information about the vehicle when buying second-hand vehicles. You can fool buyers by duplicating a vehicle’s document So that vehicle owner check is more important.

As such, verification of vehicle/vahan details is always a better option. Number plates of vehicles can be used to find information about the registration number of vehicles and vahan, chassis numbers, and engine numbers.

There is also information on Regional Transport Offices of vehicles and vehicles in the RTO vehicle information database. Vehicle Details RTO will be checked through online or nearest RTO office. Vehicle number owner details will be uploaded on the form when you check the given instruction. Also know the vehicle owner displayed here 

Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number

Search vehicle owner by registration number In fear of being reprimanded for rash driving, you flee the scene when you see a vehicle brushing against somebody.

Check Vehicle Details From Number Plate

  • However, you have no immediate access to finding out more details about the vehicle or the driver, even if you manage to note their registration number. 
  • In the end, you find the details you were looking for after going through enormous documentation and bureaucracy. 
  • Are you familiar with this? 
  • Could you imagine a situation where you could look up vehicle owner information based on the vehicle’s registration number? You’re right. That’s true. Here We can find it with VAHAN
  • As part of a collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the National Informatics Center developed the application in 2011.
  • According to the VAHAN website, it holds data on over 25 crore motor vehicles based on certificates of registration. 
  • By March 2020, the Vahan website had 285,768,212 digitized vehicles. In addition to cars, bikes, auto rickshaws, cabs, buses, and other vehicles registered in the country, this includes all modes of transportation. 
  • The Govt launched the web portal on November 21, 2013 to collect information from Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and District Transport Offices (DTOs) across India about motor vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses.
  • Nearly 90% of such offices across India have been collected by it as of 2019.

Find Owner Of Vehicle Search Vehicle Information By Plate Number

Visit VAHAN Website To Find Vehicle Owner Details

Find Vehicle Owner By License Plate Free

We need to get down to business without wasting time , so let us not waste more time. The following steps will help you find vehicle registration details online by visiting the official website of VAHAN

  • From the menu bar, choose “Know your vehicle details.”
  • Verify the code, and click “Search Vehicle” on the next page. 

Know Your Vehicle Details

That’s it! Where can you find the details? Here you can view all the information associated with your motor vehicle.

Number Plate Of Vehicle Check 

Each Indian state and Union Territory requires collecting and producing vehicular information through VAHAN. Motor Vehicles Act 1988 also outlines these details.

The VAHAN website provides the following information when you enter your vehicle’s registration number:

  • The date of registration
  • Number of the chassis (not given in full)
  • (Not stated in full) Engine number
  • Name of the owner
  • Classification of vehicles
  • Type of fuel
  • Manufacturer and model information
  • Time spent exercising in a vehicle
  • An official PUC certificate is an indication that pollution has been controlled
  • Tax validity for motor vehicles (MV)
  • Auto insurance details
  • Norms for vehicle emissions (Bharat Stage emission standards).
  • Registrar Status Certificates
  • Financier’s name

Vehicle Details Info By Number Plate Delhi

What is A Vehicle Number Plate Details?

No number plate is more than a series of digits and alphabets identifying your vehicle with a unique identity, but it registers you with the RTO. Everything about a vehicle, including vehicle information and owner information, is connected by the Vahan number plate. Therefore, it is very important to consider vehicle number plates when purchasing a vehicle/vahan.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all vehicle owners must have their vehicles registered and their number plates placed on the front and rear of their cars. Number plates that are unregistered and do not have numbers can be fined heavily. You can also check your vehicle RC Status Online

Vehicle Registration Details With An SMS

A simple SMS message can also provide detailed information about a vehicle. You can obtain vehicle details by using the registration number of a vehicle by following the steps below:

  • You should type the registration number of the vehicle VAHAN + space
  • After that you will send this at “7738299899”


How Many Vehicle are Register Is Parivahan Website?

Vahan website had More than 285,768,212 digitized vehicles.

What is the Meaning of RTO in Parivahan?

Regional Transport Offices Represent RTO or the RTO is shortest form of Regional Transport Offices.

What is The Number For Checking Vehicle Details Through SMS?

Send an SMS To 7738299899 For Your vehicle details through SMS.

Is Parivahan Is Govt Website Or Not?

Yes Parivahan Is Govt Web For online vehicle related service or driving licence.


You can be your own Sherlock Holmes by knowing the registration number of another vehicle’s owner next time you need information about that vehicle owner. Send Direct SMS to vahan check number & Get the details of your vehicle.

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