Download Vehicle Registration Form Online – From Parivahan Online

Download Vehicle Registration Form Online – From Parivahan Which is used for different purpose in Vehicle (Vahan)

Vehicle Registration Form Online Online Download Parivahan

You can find all forms related to vehicles/Vahan’s here.

  • Below is Form 20. You can download it if you want to register the new one you bought it recently.
  •  Given can download Form 21, listed below if you want a sale certificate for a vehicle.
  • (including electronic criteria, same smart card, etc.) Form 23: Certificate or Registration.
  • From the 24, you can renew your new registration certificate online. Download For Renewing it
  • Download Form 29 (Notice of vehicle ownership transfer) if you want to transfer vehicle ownership.
  • Form 38 is for the report of inspection 
  • No 50:is used for the Bill of Lading.
  • Insurance Certificate Form 51.
  • Information about accidents is reported on Form 54.
  • Insurance certificate for foreigners, Form 57.
Download Vehicle Registration Form Online

Vahan Registration Form

Here Is The Form For Renewal Of Driving Licence. After Applying You Can Also Check RC Status Vahan With Using Online Instruction.

Motor vehicle registration application form or a vahan registration applicationForm 20
Purchasing certificateForm 21
Assurance of roadworthinessForm 22
Pollution Compliance Certificate, Safety Components Certificate, and Road Worthiness Certificate (for vehicles with separate bodies)Form 22 A
The Registration CertificateForm 23
It can also be in the form of an electronic certificate (such as a smart card, etc.)Form 23 A
VIN Number RegistrationForm 24
Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal Application Form (other than for transport vehicles)Form 25
Application for issuing a duplicate registration certificate when the original certificate has been lost, destroyed, etc.Form 26
Request to assign a new registration markForm 27
Certificate of No Objection Application and Certificate of GrantForm 28
Motor Vehicle Ownership Transfer NoticeForm 29
Vehicle Transfer ReportForm 30
Vehicle Ownership Transfer Application for the Person Succeeding the OwnershipForm 31
Motor Vehicle Ownership Transfer Application in the event of a public auction purchaseForm 32
The Certificate of Registration and Office Record are updated with the notice of change of address.Form 33
A form for the entry of a hire-purchase agreement, a lease agreement, or a hypothetical agreementForm 34
Hire-purchase, lease, or hypothetical agreement termination noticeForm 35
An application for a refresher of the financier’s registration certificateForm 36
The Creditor requests that the registered owner surrender the Certificate of Registration to cancel and issue a fresh registration certificate.Form 37
(Only applicable to transport vehicles) Certificate of FitnessForm 38
An inspection report has been preparedForm 38 A
An Authorized Testing Station’s Letter of AuthorityForm 39

40 To 60 Form’s

Letter of Authority Application FormForm 40
The State Motor Vehicle RegistryForm 41
This is for Registering Motor Vehicles by Diplomatic/Consular OfficersForm 42
Diplomatic or Consular Officer’s Motor Vehicle Registration CertificateForm 43
Diplomats and consular officers are notified of changes of residence and applying for new registration marks.Form 44
ExcludedForm 49
Lading documentForm 50
Rules 141 pertain to certificates of insuranceForm 51
A brief description of the coverForm 52
Exemption certificate for motor vehicles from insuranceForm 53
Report on AccidentsForm 54
Foreign insurer approval applicationForm 55
Guarantor’s notice of terminationForm 56
Insurance certificate for foreignersForm 57
On foreign insurance certificates, endorsements are requiredForm 58
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