Vehicle RTO Information Details Online Using ACKO App & SMS

Would you like to know more about a random vehicle? Check out the blog about Vehicle rto Information. You can find complete information about any Indian vehicle. User will obtain any vehicle details instantly from the RTO Database. You can find any vehicle registered under that vahan registration number from vehicle registration check using the Search Box.

Get information about the Vahan owner, Registration Number, vehicle Name, Date of Registration, Authority of Registration, Age of the vehicle, Type of fuel, Engine Number, & Vehicle Chassis Number. Some information is hidden in this rto guide due to security reasons. Vehicle check through Parivahan website is now available in an easy & unique way.

Check Vehicle Registration Details – Vehicles Information

In some situations, you should need to know the information about Vehicle. Like Bike, Car, or any other 2 or 4-wheeler. The problem is that some car hits you, and you run away. Or you are Buying someone an old car you’re buying. You can find out the owner of a vehicle by looking at RTO vehicle information. Trying to find the most convenient way to check vehicle details online.

Here are Some Steps for checking the details. check details of vehicle now.

Check Vehicle Owner Details By Registration Number Online

Using smartphones and computers that support the internet, it’s easy to check vehicle owner details online via the number plate. The following are the main methods for checking the registration certificate details for a vehicle.

  • Using the ACKO app
  • By visiting the website of Parivahan
  • Through SMS
Check Vehicle Owner Details By Registration Number Online

Check Vehicle Registration Details Through The ACKO App.

To get the vehicle registration details online, you can use the ACKO app, which is one of the easiest ways to do this. You do not need to send an SMS or visit a website. You can get information about a vehicle’s owner by number plate online by logging into the app and typing the vehicle’s number.

That is a step-by-step guide on checking your vehicle registration information online using the ACKO app using the steps below.

  • You can download ACKO from the Play Store or AppStore.”.
  • After entering the mobile number app will open.
  • Click “RTO info” on the service menu.
  • Click on the given green arrow button after entering the vehicle detail.

Here is the complete guide video about how you can use app easily for rto information.

Check Vehicle Owner Details Through Parivahan Website

Vahan Registration Details is available On the Parivahan website, under the VAHAN e-services portal, you can also find the owner details of cars and bikes by number plate. You can use your mobile phone or laptop for checking information of vehicles through the vahan website.

Get the details with steps. Find owner by vehicle number is a way that a new user can easily find the owner online through Parivahan.

  • Step 1: Go to Parivahan.
  • Step 2: Choose “Information Services,” then find “Know Your Vehicle Details” under the drop-down menu. Another way is to go to the Parivahan site. Then in the search box, search vahan 

  • Step 3: Register using your email address and mobile number. If you already have an account, use it.
  • Step 4: After that, you need to type in your vehicle number followed by a captcha code and click on “Vahan Search.”

Check Vehicle Registration Details Through SMS – Vahan RTO

With SMS Service, you can check vehicle owners’ details, Registration details you can check them with SMS service. That vahan portal is offered through SMS. The steps are as follows. 

  • Step 1: Open your messaging app on your phone and enter the VAHAN (space) car registration number. Example: VAHAN KA01AB1XX2.
  • Step 2: Text it over to this number: 7738299899


The vehicle owner’s details will be sent to you via SMS shortly, including the vehicle’s make and model, the owner’s name, registration number, insurance validity, etc.  This Service may not always work for details of vehicles.

Then you should try another way for checking details & verifying VAHAN or ACKO details. RTO Karnataka Vehicle Details will be check through this app.

(VAHAN) Owner Details By Number Plate – Vehicle RTO Information

The vehicle RC’s details or the vehicle’s owner are now in your possession. What is the point of tracking the vehicle’s owner information? These paraphrases help with your question.

You can track vehicle owner information with a number plate for several reasons.

Hit-&-Run Scenario

A number plate can be very useful in tracking the vehicle owner if you witness a hit-and-run or are a victim. Using the ACKO app, VAHAN portal, or SMS, you can find the owner’s details by noting the vehicle’s registration number.

Accidental Damages

In an accident, you and the owner of the vehicle caused damage to your vehicle, resulting in a dispute. Registration number can be used for tracking the owner of a vehicle.With his registration details. In road hit & run sitatuitin that help to find the vehicle details.

Used Vehicle Purchase

To ensure a used vehicle meets legal requirements, you should check the owner’s information, whether you’re buying it directly from the owner or via a third party (dealer) . The owner details with the help of the ACKO app.

Used Vehicle Purchase

To ensure a used vehicle meets legal requirements, you should check the owner’s information, whether you’re buying it directly from the owner or via a third party (dealer). 


Q1: What is the Number For Vahan Online information Checking?

“7738299899” is the number for online information checking.

Q2: Where Can We Download ARCKO App?

ARCKO App Can Easily Downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.

Q3: Can i Check Vehicle information Online?

Yes, You can Check Vehicle information online Using Parivahan Web.


That’s an easy way for checking vehicle RTO information online or using SMS way send message on he given number and get the information you want. Or Go to Parivahan web and enter the criteria given for checking info and get the information.

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