RTO Toll Free Number / RTO Customer Care Number

If your searching for RTO Toll Free Number then here is the number +91-120-4925505, Timing 06:00 AM – 12:00 Midnight. Now lets have a look at RTO Customer Care Number.

The Road Transport Office (RTO) is an administrative organization that is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and the issue of driver’s licenses in India. The RTO also oversees the enforcement of road transport laws and regulations.

What Is A Toll Free Number?

A toll free number, also known as a freephone number, is a telephone number that is free for the caller to dial. The cost of the call is borne by the called party, rather than the caller. These numbers are typically used by businesses and organizations as a customer service tool, allowing customers to contact them without incurring any charges.

RTO Toll Free Number

Why Does RTO Have A Toll Free Number?

The RTO has a toll free number to provide citizens with a convenient and cost-effective way to reach out for any queries or concerns related to road transport. As the RTO is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and issuance of driver’s licenses, it is important for them to have an easily accessible means of communication with the public.

Benefits Of Using RTO Toll Free Number

Cost-Effective: As mentioned, the cost of the call is borne by the called party, making it a free service for citizens.

Easy Access: Toll free numbers are typically shorter and easier to remember, making it convenient for people to reach out to RTO with their queries.

Quick Response: With a toll free number in place, citizens can expect quicker responses from RTO, as there is a dedicated team to handle these calls.

Availability: Toll free numbers are available 24/7, ensuring that citizens can reach out to RTO at any time of the day for assistance.

List Of All RTO Numbers And Emails In India

Here is a list of RTO numbers and email addresses for all states, union territories, and major cities in India: If your an owner of vehicle or you want to know some information about your vahan application you can contact them.

List Of All RTO Numbers And Emails In India
CityContact NumberEmail
Hyderabad040-23443234[email protected]
Vijayawada0866-2577474[email protected]
Itanagar0360-2244318[email protected]
Guwahati0361-2469066[email protected]
Patna0612-2215879[email protected]
Chandigarh0172-2774946[email protected]
Raipur0771-2511213[email protected]
New Delhi011-23994248[email protected]
Panaji0832-2495581[email protected]
Ahmedabad079-26589060[email protected]
Chandigarh0172-2545938[email protected]
Shimla0177-2620551[email protected]
Srinagar0194-2495608[email protected]
Ranchi0651-6450326[email protected]
Bengaluru080-22221294[email protected]
Thiruvananthapuram0471-2333317[email protected]
Bhopal0755-2457540[email protected]
Mumbai022-24932337[email protected]
Imphal0385-2450052[email protected]
Shillong0364-2222023[email protected]
Aizawl0389-234904[email protected]
Kohima0370-2220750[email protected]
Bhubaneswar0674-2395091[email protected]
Puducherry0413-2230926[email protected]
Amritsar0183-2564688[email protected]
Jaipur0141-2702165[email protected]
Gangtok03592-202085[email protected]
Chennai044-28583149[email protected]
Hyderabad040-23443136[email protected]
Agartala0381-2323342[email protected]
Lucknow0522-2490029[email protected]
Dehradun0135-2657217[email protected]
Kolkata033-23343904[email protected]

Contacting RTO Through Email

Apart from toll free numbers, the RTO also has an official email address for citizens to reach out for any queries or concerns. The email address is [email protected] and is available 24/7 for assistance. However, it is important to note that email responses may take longer than phone calls.


What Is The Toll-Free Customer Care Number For RTO?

The toll-free customer care number for RTO is 1800-111-139.

Can I Call The RTO Customer Care Number From Any State In India?

Yes, you can call the RTO customer care number from any state in India.

Are The RTO Customer Care Executives Available On Sundays And Holidays?

Yes, the RTO customer care executives are available to assist you from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM on all days of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

How Can I Contact My Respective RTO Office Directly?

You can contact your respective RTO office directly through phone or email using the list of RTO numbers and emails provided in this article.


RTO toll free number is a convenient and cost-effective means of communication for citizens to reach out for assistance regarding road transport in India. With a dedicated team in place, quick responses can be expected from RTO through these toll free numbers.

Citizens also have the option to contact RTO through email, making it even easier to get their queries addressed.  So, make use of these services to ensure a smooth experience with road transport in India. 

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