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Do you have any recent issues with losing your Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)? Do you have any information about whether it has been stolen or damaged? Having an RC is as essential as having a driving license, so it can cause many worries.

Fortunately, you can request a duplicate RC online or offline whenever it is convenient for you. An RC renewal or issue is an easy process that takes just a few minutes, requires only a few documents, and costs half as much as an RC issue or renewal. Follow these steps getting a duplicate registration certificate.

What Is A Duplicate RC? Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate

An original registration certificate (RC) is provided to the vehicle owner in the case of a duplicate registration certificate (RC). RC books and smart cards can be duplicated when you reapply.

For RC Duplicate You must need a report with the local police department near where it has gone missing. It is possible to get a RC Copy Online or Offline with a copy of the police complaint.

How To Apply for Duplicate RC Online?

You Can Request Duplicate Registration Online Using the following steps.

  • You need to select your Nearest RTO & Your State on

Vehicle Registration Page

  • Click on “Proceed” and enter the registration number of your vehicle. It will display all the details of your vehicle on the screen. Make sure these details are correct.

  • The next screen presents several options for duplicate registration certificates. Click “Duplicate Registration Certificate.”
  • Hit the button alongside the chassis number of your vehicle to enter the last five digits.
  • You should now fill in all the required fields and upload the required documents. Submit the form by clicking “Submit.”
  • You can now print your acknowledgment and application form by clicking on “Print Out” once you have made the payment.
  • Once you have filled out this form, submit it with all documents to the RTO office near your home. To verify your vehicle, you must also schedule an appointment.

How To Apply For Duplicate RC Offline?

Duplicate RCs generated offline must be processed at the RTO office where the original was found by following the steps below:

  • From there I should collect form 26A.
  • Check all of the necessary documents that are a need in the form.
  • Apply for the RTO with all required documents and fees.
  • The authority will verify vehicle and chassis numbers on a specific date.

Documents Required To Get A Duplicate RC

You can request duplicate RC books online or offline with the following documents –

  • In the jurisdiction where the RC was lost or damaged, you must provide a police certificate or a copy of your complaint to the local police station.
  •  Form 26 has been filled out.
  • Vehicle pollution certification.
  • The vehicle must verify the vehicle owner’s address.
  • Documentation proves who owns the vehicle, such as the owner’s Pan card, Form 60, or Form 61.
  • The owner’s signature is used to identify the document.
  • The Enforcement Traffic Wing requires a clearance challan from the Enforcement Traffic Wing as well as the tax clearance certificate for commercial vehicles.
  • Engine pencils and chassis printed on paper.
  • The original RC has been lost, and the affidavit confirms it.

Structure Of Duplicate RC Fees In ₹

Vehicle TypeDuplicate RC Fees in ₹
Invalid Carriage25
Vehicles not designed for transportation300
Motor vehicle transport500
Medium goods vehicle500
Passenger vehicles of medium size500
Transport vehicles for heavy goods750
Passenger buses750
Vehicles imported from abroad2500
Bikes imported1250
Various types of vehicles1500

Check The Status Of The Duplicate Registration Certificate

You Need To Visit Parivahan web services portal to find out the duplicate RC status. The status will appear under “RCDL.” You can find your vehicle registration status by entering your registration number.

Check the Status Of The Duplicate Registration Certificate

Processing Time For A Duplicate RC?

At least after 15 and 30 working days, your duplicate RCs will proceed. Now You’re able to download your RC After processing. 

Here are some easy steps to get your duplicate RC from RTO without involving third parties. For Duplicate RC You Need a Photocopy Of Original RC To complete application form no. 26A, you need the registration number and other information listed there.


What is the Duplicate Registration Fee For Bike in Parivahan?

200 , is the fee for online duplicate registration of bike using Parivahan Web.

In How Many Days Duplicate RC Proceed?

At least 15 to 30 working days Need to complete this process.

What is the Fee For Vehicles Imported From Abroad?

2500 is Requires Fee For Vehicles Imported From Abroad.


A user can easily apply For Apply For Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) – Vahan Registration Online Using Parivahan web. That’s all about how you can apply for Duplicate RC of vehicle Online. with required fee. That’s All information is in November 2022.

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