UP Parivahan Sewa : Apply For A Driving License Online

A driving license can applied by online for citizens of Uttar Pradesh by visiting the UP Parivahan Sewa website. Here is a complete guide how to apply online for a driver’s license, learner’s permit, and any other automotive-related service you may need.

In 1929 department of transport discovered (UPSRTC) Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Discovered. The UPSRTC’s centralized UP Parivahan Sewa portal provides online access to services related to transportation, like driving licenses, motor vehicle registration, permit grants, etc. This way, form paper must not complete paperwork at a Regional Transport Office (RTO).

An explanation of the various services provided by UP Parivahan is provided here. You Can Also Register Your UP Vehicle Registration

UP Parivahan Driving Licence Online Application

Online vehicle-related applications can submitted through the UP Sarathi Parivahan Sewa system, which includes applications for learner’s license (LL) and driving licenses (DL). After one month from the date the learner’s permit is issued, the learner can apply for a driving license.

  • In this case, you are being directed to the website sarathi.parivahan.gov.in. Click on the drop-down menu & choose Uttar Pradesh.

  • You see some instructions on the next page. Then click ‘Continue’.

Select Continue For Parivahan Sewa Licence

  • A new one will replace the screen. Include information such as the learner’s permit number, date of birth, vehicle number, and vehicle category.
  • Once the payment gateway is reached, you will be redirected. Your choice should use your preferred payment method to submit the required fee.
  • An acknowledgement slip and payment receipt will be generated.
  • Follow the instructions to download the forms. Obtain the RTO’s contact information and submit all the required documents there.

Types Of Licenses

Licenses can obtained in a variety of forms, including:

  • License for learners
  • License duplication
  • Driver’s license for heavy vehicles
  • Driving license for international travel
  • The license is permanent.
  • Licensing for light motor vehicles.
Types of Licenses

Documents Required To Apply For Driver’s License

  • Identification card (Aadhaar)
  • Card with PAN number
  • Document proving residence
  • The Second form must be complete. 
  • Form 1A – Medical Certificate

Driving License Application Fee

In the case of first-class vehicles, registration fees are Rs 150. Motorbikes and small motorcycles included in class II automobiles. Total 200 required 150 for fee & 50 extra charges.

UP Parivahan Learning License: How To Apply?

Obtaining a learner’s licence is the first step toward obtaining a permanent driving license. Applying for a permit, the learner’s licence also serves as a practice permit. Learn licence must required for applying for the driving licence.

On the UP Parivahan portal, learners can apply online for their licenses.

  • Go to the Parivahan website.
  • Drop-down menus allow you to select the state.

  • Click ‘New Learner’s License’ to get your learner’s permit.
  • Follow the instructions. Continue by clicking the ‘continue’ button.

Parivahan Sewa Apply For Learner DL

  • If you are required to submit any pertinent information, for example, your name, birthday, vehicle number, category, etc., please do. Hit the submit button for submitting.
  • Upon loading the payment gateway, you will be redirected. You should use the required preferred payment method to submit the necessary fees.
  • Payment receipts and acknowledgement slips will be mailed to the applicant.

UP Parivahan Sewa Application Status

Tracking the status of DL applications is possible through UP Parivahan Sewa.

  • The state of Uttar Pradesh’ can be selected by visiting parivahan.gov.in.
  • Next page transfers you to the department of transport for the state.
  • Go to the main window and select ‘Application Status.
Parivahan Application Status

  • Complete the application by submitting your application number, captcha, and date of birth. Click on ‘Submit’. A screen will display the status of the DL application.

How To Use MParivahan App?

The Indian government launched a mobile software (application) tp making transport as a part of digital india campaign called mParivahan. By offering citizens easy access to various road transportation services via mobile phones, the mParivahan App aims to improve regularity and transparency in transportation services.    

mParivahan App citizen-centric app developed by the government. You well learn alot of new things after completing this article . With ease, you can find out about the features of India, the services it offers, and other essential information.

Benefits Of The M-Parivahan App

Using mParivahan App Help you to find Much information about vehicles registered in Indian Government List Which Belong to Indian government.

If you do not have your original physical vehicle document, you can present your digital Driving License (DL) or Registration Certificate (RC) to the traffic police personnel. In the case of a check, you are able to rely on only your digital records.

  • This App allows you to track lost/theft, accidentally parked, or lost vehicles. 
  • For Getting the information of registration number enter Registration number.
  • The details of the card need to be verified.
  • Information verified from secondary sources.
  • Using the App, you can check the registration and age of a secondhand vehicle before purchasing it.
  • Alerts and notifications in case of a vehicle accident.
  • A separate dashboard for each of the two roles.
  • Enter the vehicle number to access vehicle information even if you aren’t connected to the internet.
  • QR codes (corresponding to virtual DLs/RCs) can also be used as stickers.
  • You should provide your towed vehicle’s information.

How To Use The Mparivahan Application?

Install the mParivahan App on your smartphone if you want to take advantage of the App’s various services.

  • Use your mobile phone’s Play Store or App Store to access the store.
  • You will see the MParivahan app option once you type MParivahan.
  • Click on install option & open mParivahan App On the App, you can now slide pages or skip them. All the services that these apps offer are detailed on these pages.
  • Make a selection of the language. Under the section you will see the sign in link You can sign in by clicking
  • Alternatively, you can enter your registered number if you already have an account.if You dont have an already account click on the sign up button.
  • After Accepting  the terms and conditions Fill the box with your Phone  number 
  • Your OTP needs to be entered to verify.
  • Enter your name and click on “Submit” to complete your profile.
  • After creating your account you will be acces to the mParivahan app..  
  • On the homepage, you will find your name and mobile number. You can access the App’s services after a successful registration.  
How To Use The Mparivahan Application?


What Are Different Type Of Licence?

Their Are Some Type Of License.

1. License for learners.
2. License duplication.
3. Driver’s license for heavy vehicles.
4. Driving license for international travel.
5. The license is permanent.
6. Licensing for light motor vehicles.

Where Can I Download MParivahan App?

A user Can download MParivahan App Online Using App Store Or Play Store.

Is UP Parivahan Have Official Website?

Yes, The Name is UPSRTC


UPSRTC stand for Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. Which is officially Utter Pradesh web for online applying Driving License or LL [Learner License] & Many More. That allow user to get help online according to his problem online using the web.


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