How To Get Smart Card Driving License Online?

Is there a better way in modern India to carry a license? Smart Card Driving License are the best! This Article is about how to obtain a License? We will help you about how you can apply for smart Card driving license through online platform, including what entails getting started!

What Is A Smart Card Driving Licence?

Old book license converted into new card which called smart card license. It contains a 64 KB microprocessor within plastic card all of driver’s information stored.

The info included in the Card are:

  • Retina scan
  • Blood type
  • Address
  • Fingerprint
  • Name
What Is A Smart Card Driving Licence?

That can read through a specific machine that displays information the RTO and ARTO generally verify smart Card driving license information.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Since biometrics information saved on the smart Card, it won’t be possible to alter or fake the details.
  • A smart card contains all the details of its holder.
  • A permanent audit trail is ensured by the details on the smart CardCards, which cannot be changed.
  • Law enforcement will be highly efficient as there can be no tampering with the driving license.

Process For Smart Card Driving Licence

Online Process

  • Visit The Site of your State’s Transport Department. Parivahan.
Smart Card Driving Licence Related Service

  • You need to Download the Application From Web Just Search  “Smart Card Driving Licence”.
  • Must Fill The Form You Download. Submit it along with the required documentation at your nearest RTO.
  • Pay Smart Card Fees & Apply For For Driving Test
  • If You Pass The test, the authorities will record all your biometric information.

The smart Card driving license will be delivered to your registered address after all this information has been processed and verified.

Offline Process

  • Go to the nearest RTO office & Ask for Smart Card Driving Licence
  • Your biometric information will be asked when you complete the form.
  • Pay the fees which ask for the application  & Leave the RTO office.

After that you will get your Card At Given address At the Form

Check These Steps to Renew Your license

  • Visit the Nearest RTO Office With an old Card.
  • Ask for upgrading your Driving Licence 
  • Please fill out the Forms they give. Pay some necessary Fees
  • You will receive your Card at your mentioned address.

No, Online Process is known for renewing old books and Converting licenses to new smart Card. If you need help you must visit your nearest RTO Office. For Converting your license.

Documents List for a Smart Card Driving Licence. Getting a smart card driving license requires you to provide some documents.

Get The Document
  • Application fees
  • Address proof (such as Aadhaar cards, passports, ration cards, house agreements, gas electric bills, and letters from employers stating where you live in a particular city).
  • Your Age Proof Must Be Needed. For this (10th class mark sheet, PAN card, birth certificate, passport, transfer certificate From your school Where your Birthday is printed.
  • Passport Size Photo (2)
  • Medical certificate forms 1A and 1, Signed By A Govt Doctor.
  • Requested Application for the smart card driving license

The following documents are required if you are changing your old driver’s license to a smart card.

  1. For Your Age (birth certificate, school transfer certificate, passport, etc.)
  2. For Address Proofing (passport, ration card, voter ID, Aadhaar card, electricity bill, etc.)
  3. Copy of original DL & Original DL.
Smart Card Driving Licence

Smart Card Driving Licence Form & Its Sections

There Are three different zones & their beneficiary is below.

Zone 1: Visual Inspection Zone

Some Basic information includes. Like,

  • Applicant’s name
  • Registered address
  • Date of birth
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle class
  • Signature

Zone 2: Machine Readable Zone

Machine Readable zone Contain

  • Serial number of the driving license chip
  • Date of issue of the driving license
  • Some details regarding the issuing authority
  • Driving license validity

Zone 3: Central Motor Vehicles Rules Zone

We consider that this form is important. The Zone includes data like,

  • Was the driver ever penalized?
  • Does he have any endorsements?
  • Details of the violations


Q1. What Are the Fees Payable For a Smart Card For Driving in India?

The driving license smart card fee is ₹200.

Q2. What is the Validity Time of a Smart Card Driving License?

Cars Valid For 20 Years Until Holder passes the age of 50 Years.

Q3. Can I change My old DL to a Smart Card Driving License?

Yes, You Change Your Old Book Card To New DL (Read The Article)

Q4. Can We Change Our Old DL Online?

No, There is no Process for Changing your old DL to Smart Card. It would help if you Needed To Visit the Nearby RTO Office. 


Get the driving license through Parivahan. Apply & implement the following steps for license. You must to have required documents for smart card.

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