Renew Driving License – Online Driving licence Renewal In India

There are many places where you can use your driving license and check your License or renew it, and it is a very important document. Having the authorization to drive and being identified as a licensed driver are among the most important things.

Besides serving as identification, a license can also act as proof of identity in certain situations. Emergency officials can use it to identify you in case of an accident.

You can use a driving license to verify your age. If The Renew Driving License expires, it must renewed. Find driving license renewal online information and instructions below. Are you searching how to renewal driving license? So that’s an article for you. Check out

Online Driving License Renew

In some cases, the public has access to some roads where they can drive, but the vehicle’s driver must have a driving license to operate that vehicle on them. According to the rules of various states in India, transportation authorities/offices are responsible for them (RTA/RTO).

This is the format of an Indian driving license. The total number of digits is 13. After that, you will be able to find out How to renew driving license. A user can also renew Haryana driving license renewal online through these step.

Online Driving License Renew

Driving License Number – GJ1220190000001

Drivery Licence Online Format

  • GJ: The state code GJ refers to Gujrat.
  • 12: 12 Except for Delhi, most RTO codes are digital. In Gujrat, 11 is the RTO code for Kutch-Bhuj. In Maharashtra, 12 refer Pune, 31 display as Nagpur. If a district is big geographically or crowded, there may be more RTO.
  • 2019: A new issue will be in 2019.
  • 0000001: The last seven digits of this number are Driver Profile IDs, which are DL numbers.

If a driving license has expired for more than five years, the authorities will conduct a new driving test for its renewal. You will renew your driving license for three years for vehicles not used for transport.

Documents Required For Renewal Of Driving Licence Online

  • Application in Form-2 generated online.
  • For applicants who have completed the age of 40 or have a valid driving license for a transport vehicle).
  • Driving License.


The Renewal of the Transport vehicle DLRs.450/-
Renewal of a Non-Transport vehicle DLRs.500/-


  • Driving Licence.
  • No.2 Application Form
  • A self-declaration of medical fitness on form No.1 (Self-Declaration of Medical Fitness for Non-Transport Vehicles) or
  • A transport vehicle’s medical certificate will be required on Form No. 1A.
  • (Form No. 1A, only for transport vehicles

How To Renew Driving License Online?


  • 1. Driving license renewal application form 9, otherwise known as Form 9.
  • 2. Declaring your medical fitness using forms one and 1A. The form can be collected from the RTO office or downloaded online.
  • 3. Licence expiring.
  • 4. Verification of address and age.
  • 5. Photocopies of 3 passports.

Driving Licence Renewal Status provide a very comfortable strategies for user for driving freely.


  • Driving license renewal application form 9, otherwise known as Form 9.
  • Declaring your medical fitness using forms one and 1A. The form can be collected from the RTO office or downloaded online.
  • Licence expiring.
  • Verification of address and age.
  • Photocopies of 3 passports.
  • Heavy motor vehicle driver’s certificate of refreshment

In India, Here Is How You Can Renew Your Driving License Online.

  • Step 1: Visit Parivahan and select the option according to your state.

  • Step 2: Select Driving licenses under Services (renew driving Licence online/Duplicate/Other) in the Apply Online section.

Apply For Driving Licence

Step 3:

  • You Can Renew your DL/driving license number, date of birth, and other details necessary for issuing a driving license, After that New Page Well open.
  • Just press continue.
  • You will have to fill in the basic information.

They include your DL number, DOB, and Some other information required for a driving license.

  • Step 4: Once you have completed the application, you will need to verify the documents in person at the RTO.
  • Step 5: The renewed DL will be sent to you within 15 days after verifying the documents.


SS – State Code (such as RJ or TN for Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu for Tamil Nadu). For More Visit Rajasthan RTO & Tamil Nadu Rto to get physicals detail.

RR – RTO code with two digits

YYYY – Four-digit Year of Issue (For Example, 99 is converted to 1999 if the year is stated in two digits. 2012 is used for 12).

For the remaining numbers, you should use seven digits. The total number of digits may be increased by adding additional 0s (zeroes) if there are less than 7. You should enter RJ-1320120123456 instead of RJ13 20120123456. For example, your driving license number is RJ-13/DLC/12/123456.

How To Check Your Vahan Driving License Status Online?

  • Visit Parivahan’s website to check your driver’s Licence online.
  • Drop-down menu to select your state.

  • Then, choose Parivahan Application Status from the main menu on the Parivahan Driving Service page.
  • You will be prompted to fill out your application number, birthday, 

Renew Driving Licence Application Status

  • To view the progress of your driving license application on your screen, click the submit button once you have entered all of your information.

Check Driving Licence (DL) Status Using The Registration Number

  • You need to check Vahan DL Page.
  • After that Enter Your Registration Number.
  • Captcha is required. Fill it in.
  • You can now submit your form.

Renewal Of Licence Vahan – Parivahan

The license expiry date shall be one month before an application for Renewal is submitted. It is necessary to obtain a new license if the application is over five years late after the license expiration date.

A renewal application made within 30 days of the License’s expiration date will be effective if filed before or within 30 days after the License expires.

The renewal of the license will take effect from the date of receiving the proper application, if it is made more than 30 days after the expiration date of the license. They will charge Rs. 30/- for this service.

Requirements Of Provisional Licence

  • A driver’s License.
  • This is the second application form.
  • In the case of vehicles other than vehicles, Form No.1 is used.


  • A transport vehicle’s medical certificate is only required on Form No. 1A.
  • According to the regulations, fees and user charges will be charged
  • You can renew your expired driving licence through the given step above.


Q1: How To Renew Licence Online?
Driving Licence can be Renew through Parivahan web. Official Site of Indian govt.
Q2: Can I Renew My Driving Licence Online?
Yes, that’s possible for checking driving licence online through Parivahan website.
Q3: Can Driving Licence Be Renewed Online?
Yes For Sure You Can renew Your Licence Online


This process is totally online a user can easily renew his/her Driving licence Online Using Parivahan Web. With required Documents mention in the instruction.

For renewing a driving a online through Official Parivahan Which is The property of the Indian Govt. Renew Your Licence now. Thanks,

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