Challan List With RTO, Two Wheeler, Police & Traffic Challan List

Whether you are a motorist or simply interested in understanding the various types of traffic violations, this article will serve as an authoritative resource to help you navigate the world of traffic challans. We hope to equip you with the knowledge necessary to avoid these violations and maintain a clean traffic record & Complete challan list.

We have compiled a list of the most common traffic challans, including bike challan, traffic police challan, RTO challan, two-wheeler challan, challan rate list, police challan, challan price list, vehicle challan rate list, and car challan list. 

Challan List With Fine & Strict Rules

Traffic Offense DescriptionSection of DMVR/CMVR/M.V. ActCompounding Penalty Amount
Red Light Jumping119/177 MVARs. 00/-
Driving Left Hand Drive without Indicator120/177 MVARs. 500/-
Improper & Obstructive Parking122/177 MVARs. 500/-
Traveling on Running Board (Drive)123(1)/177 MVARs. 500/-
Traveling on Running Board (Passenger)123(2)/177 MVARs. 500/-
Triple Riding on two-wheeler149C MVARs. 1000/-
Driving without Helmet194D MVARs. 1000/-
Helmet W/o strap or Strap Not tied194D MVARs. 1000/-
Defective Helmet (Not Confirming BIS)194D MVARs. 1000/-
Defective, or fancy, or not displaying number plate.50, 51 CMVR/39/192 MVARs. 5000/-
Rear View Mirror Turned Inwards125(2)CMVR 1989/177 MV ActRs. 500/-
Misbehavior with Police Officer179 MVARs. 2000/-


Challan List With Fine

Over Charging by TSR/Taxi11.8/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Refusal by TSR/Taxi Driver11.9/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Driving without Light (After sunset)105/177 CMVRRs. 500/-
Driving without Horn119(1)/177 CMVRRs. 500/-
Driving without Silencer120/190(2) CMVRRs. 5000/-
Driving with a Defective Number Plate50/177 CMVRRs. 5000/-
Violation of stop Line113(1)/177 DMVRRs. 00/-
Disobeying Lawful Directions132/179 MVARs. 2000/-
Disobey legal orders in the event of an accident or property damage132/179 MVARs. 2000/-
Allowing unauthorized person to drive5/180 MVARs. 5000/-
Driving without License3/181 MVARs. 5000/-
Driving by Minors4/181 MVARs. 500/-
Over Speeding LMV112.1/183(1) MVARs. 2000/-
Over Speeding MMV/HTV112.1/183(1) MVARs. 4000/-
Driving Dangerously184 MVARs. 00/-
Using ‘Unregistered Vehicles’ or Displaying “Applied For”39/192 MVARs. 2000/-
Violation of Yellow Line119/177 MVARs. 500/-

Upper Challan

Violation of Restriction of Time on HTV’s/Care on various Road (No Entry )115/194(1) M.V. Act 1988Rs. 20000/-
Trucks carrying sand/dust without covering (No Entry)115/194(1) M.V. Act 1988Rs. 20000/-
Infraction of the One Way, No Right Turn, No Left Turn, and No Horn signs119/177 MVARs. 100/-
Excess Smoke99(1)(a)/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
W/O WiperCMVR 101/177 MVARs. 500/-
Tinted GlassCMVR 100.2/177 MVARs. 500/-
Blowing of Pressure Horn96(1)/177 DMVRRs. 5000/-
Using horn in No Honking/Silence Zone194F MVARs. 1000/-
Conductor without Uniform23(1)/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Driver without Uniform7/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Conductor without Badge22(1)/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Conductor without Licence129/182 MVARs. 10,000/-

Vehicle Challan

Carrying Passengers on Goods Vehicles84(2)/177 DMVRRs. 00/-
Carrying Goods on Passengers Vehicle84(3)/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Use of Coloured Light on Motors Vehicle97(2)/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Smoking in the Vehicles86.1(5)/177 DMVRRs. 500/-
Wrong Passing or Overtaking other Vehicle6(1)RRR/177 MVARs. 00/-
Drunken Driving185 MVARs. 00/-
Advertisements on VehicleDMVR 71.2/177 MVARs. 500/-
RC Violation39/192 MVARs 5,000/-
W/O PUCC115 CMVR /190(2)M.V.ARs 10,000/-
W/O Insurance146/196 MVARs 2,000/-
W/o RUPDCMVR 124.1/190.2 MV Act.Rs 10,000/-
W/o LUPDCMVR 124.1/190.2 MV ActRs 10,000/-
No Using Seat Belt194B MVARS 1000/-
W/o Reflector104/177 MVA ACTRs 500/-
Top Light Violation108(1) CMVR/177 MVARs 500/-

Fitness Challan

Fitness Fine

Using high beam112(4)(c)/177 MVARs 500/-
Without Fitness56/192 MVARs. 500/-
CARRYING HIGH/LONG LOAD / Protruding rods194(1A) MVARs. 20000/-
Improper or Obstructive Parking122/177 MVARs. 500/-
Violation of Mandatory Signs(One Way,No Right Turn)119/177 MVARs. 500/-
Unauthorized Use SirenDMVR 107/177 MVARs. 500/-
Playing MusicDMVR 102/177 MVARs. 500/-
Without Log BookCMVR 85(10) 177 MVARs. 500/-
W/O Permit66.1/192(A) MVARs 10,000/-
Not giving way to an emergency vehicle194E MVARs 10,000/-
Driving in NMV lanes115/194(1) MVARs. 20000/-
Older diesel and petrol vehicle operation (more than 15/10 years)39/192/207 MVARs. 00/-
Obstructive Driving(Extra Passenger on Driver Seat)125/177 MVARs. 500/-

Bike Challan List

When it comes to traffic violations involving two-wheelers, it’s essential to stay informed about the various challans that may apply to bike riders. Some common bike challans include:

Riding Without A Helmet: This is one of the most frequently encountered challans, as wearing a helmet is crucial for your safety on the road.

Riding Without A Valid License: Ensure that you possess a valid two-wheeler license at all times.

Over Speeding: Adhering to speed limits is essential to maintain road safety.

Violation Of Traffic Signals: Running red lights or disobeying traffic signals can lead to accidents and hefty challans.

Traffic Police Challan List

Traffic police challans cover a broad range of violations and are issued by traffic police officers. It’s crucial to be aware of the following challans to ensure you comply with traffic rules and regulations:

Traffic Police Fine Logo

Drunk Driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and poses a significant risk to yourself and others on the road.

Wrong-Side Driving: Driving on the wrong side of the road is a dangerous practice that can lead to collisions.

Using Mobile Devices While Driving: Texting or talking on the phone while driving is not only a traffic violation but also a major distraction that can result in accidents.

Overloading: Make sure your vehicle is not overloaded, as it can affect its stability and lead to accidents.

RTO Challan List

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) challans pertain to violations that fall under the jurisdiction of the RTO. Some common RTO challans include:

Driving Without Valid Documents: Ensure you have your driving license, vehicle registration certificate (RC), pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and insurance papers readily available.

Unauthorized Modifications: Modifying your vehicle without obtaining the necessary approvals from the RTO is a violation.

Overloading Commercial Vehicles: Transporting goods beyond the permissible limit can lead to RTO challans.

Two-Wheeler Challan List

Two-wheelers are a popular mode of transportation, and it’s crucial to abide by traffic rules to ensure road safety. Here are some common challans specific to two-wheelers:

Two-Wheeler List

Riding Without Rearview Mirrors: Rearview mirrors are essential for maintaining situational awareness on the road.

Riding Without Indicators: Ensure your vehicle’s indicators are functional to communicate your intentions to other road users.

Unauthorized Modifications: Modifying your two-wheeler without adhering to legal guidelines is a violation.

Challan Rate List

The challan rate list provides details about the fines associated with different traffic violations. It’s important to be aware of these rates to avoid unnecessary financial burdens.

The challan rates vary depending on the severity of the violation, and they are subject to change based on government regulations.

Police Challan List

Police challans cover a broad spectrum of traffic violations and are issued by law enforcement officers. Familiarize yourself with the following police challans to ensure compliance:

  • Driving Without Insurance: It is mandatory to have valid vehicle insurance at all times.
  • Violation Of One-Way Rules: Ensure you follow the designated one-way routes to prevent accidents.
  • Parking In No-Parking Zones: Parking in restricted areas can obstruct traffic flow and inconvenience other motorists.

Challan Price List

The challan price list outlines the fines associated with different traffic violations. It’s crucial to understand the financial implications of these violations to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The prices mentioned in the list are subject to change, so it’s advisable to stay updated with the latest regulations.

Vehicle Challan Rate List

The vehicle challan rate list specifies the fines associated with traffic violations specifically related to vehicles. These violations can range from improper parking to failure to maintain vehicle documents. Stay informed about the vehicle challan rates to avoid penalties and maintain a clean traffic record.

Vehicle Fine Rate List

Car Challan List

Car challans encompass violations that are specific to car owners and drivers. Some common car challans include:

  • Over-Speeding: Exceeding the speed limit is not only a violation but also endangers lives on the road.
  • Improper Parking: Ensure you park your vehicle in designated areas to prevent traffic congestion and inconvenience to others.
  • Violation Of Seat Belt Rules: Seat belts are crucial for the safety of both drivers and passengers.

FAQ’s About Challan List

Can I Check My Pending Dues Through A Challan List?

Yes, in many cases, you can check your pending dues through a challan list. By referring to the list and locating your specific challan number or payment reference, you can determine the status of your payment and whether any outstanding amount is due.

Are Challan Lists Accessible Online?

Yes, many organizations now provide online platforms or portals where individuals can access their challan lists. These platforms allow users to search for their challan details, make online payments, and track the status of their payments.

What Should I Do If I Find Discrepancies In A Challan List?

If you discover any discrepancies or errors in a challan list, it is recommended to contact the issuing authority or the relevant department responsible for handling the payments. They will be able to assist you in resolving any issues or clarifying the correct information.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into various traffic challans and violations. By understanding the different types of challans and their associated fines, you can ensure compliance with traffic rules and regulations.

Remember, maintaining a clean traffic record not only promotes road safety but also prevents unnecessary financial burdens. Stay informed, drive responsibly, and always prioritize safety on the roads.

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