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Obtaining a valid Driving License Test is the first step in driving in India. Indian drivers are required to possess a driving license to drive their vehicles on the roads. As a result, when you submit a driving license application to the authorities as part of the licensing process, you will be asked to demonstrate that you have the necessary driving skills and a clear understanding of traffic laws and regulations.

You can learn how to pass your road test and know all the questions that you might get asked while taking your driving test with your driving license authority. Driving Licence Test Have 5 Different Part follow all of them for good result in your test.

Driving Licence Test Appointment Online

You must obtain a learner’s permit before obtaining a permanent license. Adults can only obtain learner’s licenses over 16 years old.

To be able to drive on the roads at your own risk after getting your learner’s permit, you need to be accompanied by someone who holds a valid permanent license before you can attempt it. You can book your learner’s permit test online using the following steps if you want to get your learner’s permit:

  • Step 1: Go to Parivahan.Gov.in
  • Step 2: Press the Driving Licence Related Services button.

Driving Test Portel

  • Step 3: Choose the state where you should provide the service from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 4: Select Learner Licence and click Apply.
  • Step 5: Create an account online.
  • Step 6: Scan the required documents and upload them.
  • Step 7: Scan your signature and upload your passport-sized photo.
  • Step 8: You must need an online permit for the application fee.
  • Step 9: Save the receipt of your payment.
  • Step 10: Now that you’ve downloaded the receipt, you can schedule your LL test by clicking on the button.

The application form and payment receipt must be presented at the learner’s permit test after submitting your application.

Documents Required For A Driving Licence Test

You must submit the following documents before you book a driving license test appointment:

  • Physical Fitness Application Form 1 (Application-Cumulation-Declaration).
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness (Form 1A).
  • You may apply for a learner license (Form 2) at any time.
  • Age verification.
  • Verification of address.
  • Photographs that fit in a passport.
  • Fees associated with applications.

Driving Licence Test Questions & Answers

Learning License Test Questions

  • What should you do when you are not far from a pedestrian crossing when pedestrians are waiting for the opportunity to cross the road?
  • Sound the horn and proceed
  • Slow down, sound the horn, and pass
  • Wait until the pedestrians cross the road before proceeding.

  • Drivers without a license who operate vehicles on public roads are liable for the following:
  • You will impose only a penalty.
  • Vehicles can be seized, and owners and drivers prosecuted.
  • A word of caution

  • Parking on a downward slope requires, in addition to applying the hand brake, engaging the following gears:
  • Neutralized
  • First of all
  • Reversed

  • How should you respond when you are involved in a vehicle accident that causes injury?
  • Need to inform the local police about the accident and  must go with your vehicle. 
  • You should notify the police, and You will stop the vehicle.
  • Within 24 hours of becoming aware of the injured, make sure to take all reasonable steps to take care of the individual and notify the nearest police station.

  • How can the designation of a road as one-way be applied?
  • No Parking Allow there.
  • There is a prohibition on overtaking.
  • You should not use the reverse gear.
More Questions For Driving Licence Test
  • Driver who are driving the must follow these steps when a blind person crosses the road With white cane in his hand:
  • Using the white cane is like stopping a car with a traffic sign.
  • Proceed by blowing the horn
  • Proceed with caution and slow down

  • When goods carriages are overloaded, what happens?
  • You cannot punish such behavior.
  • A fine is the only penalty.
  • Suspension or cancellation of a driver’s license is possible.

  • At an intersection without a traffic policeman or a signal light, follow these steps:
  • Allow traffic approaching from other directions to pass through the intersection.
  • You should use the horn as soon as possible and give the correct signal.
  • As you approach the intersection on your right, give up the right of way and proceed after giving the appropriate signals.

  • What is the legal limit for overtaking?
  • A white broken center line is used to mark the road.
  • A steep hill requires a vehicle to be driven.
  • Yellow center lines are used to mark the road.

  • Breaking white lines on a road indicate:
  • You cannot change tracks.
  • In case of need, change the track.
  • It would help if you stopped vehicles.

  • When a traffic light blinks red, what does it mean?
  • As soon as the green light appears, stop the vehicle.
  • In case of need, change the track.
  • Proceed with caution and reduce your speed

  • On national highways, the maximum allowed speed is:
  • 60 km/hr.
  • 70 km/hr.
  • 80 km/hr.

  • Is there a record of the number of passengers a private vehicle can carry?
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Tokens for taxes
  • Permit

  • It would help if you did the following before starting a vehicle’s engine:
  • Check the engine oil and radiator water levels.
  • always must check headlights
  • Check the brakes
More Questions
  • Light motor vehicles are allowed to travel at the following maximum speed:
  • 60 km/hr
  • 70 km/hr
  • No limit

  • Motor Vehicle Act 1988 Section 113 prohibits drivers from driving vehicles in the following situations:
  • In the aftermath of alcohol consumption
  • Speeding beyond the posted limit
  • Weighing more than the permissible limit

  • As you stand behind the bus, passengers are picked up or dropped off. Do you know what to do?
  • Keep your patience behind you.
  • Left-handed overtaking
  • Right-hand overtaking

  • It is for the following purposes that the middle lane is available:
  • Taking over
  • Driving at 40 km/h in traffic
  • Motorbikes

  • In the following situations, a yellow light flashes:
  • There is a problem with traffic lights.
  • Taking caution and slowing down is a good idea.
  • Construction is underway nearby.

  • Do you have a parking permit where you can park?
  • Footpaths
  • It is located on a hilltop.
  • The above options do not apply.

  • Foggy conditions necessitate a high beam:
  • Having a more precise vision is good.
  • It refracts back and dazzles when it is reflected.
  • Keeps others aware of your presence

  • A T-junction is ahead of you. Suddenly, a vehicle with a proper flashing signal appears from the left. Is there anything you should do?
  • When you see the vehicle turning to the right, you should wait for it to turn.
  • Keep moving forward and accelerate.
  • Slowly move forward

  • When should you turn them on if you have hazard warning lights on?
  • Straight forward motion
  • Inconvenience to other road users caused by parking your vehicle
  • In an area where parking is prohibited, Here You may not park your vehicle.

Answer Off Driving Licence Test

  • The vehicle on the opposite side of the bridge is about to enter a narrow bridge as you approach it. It is essential that you:
  • Be as fast as possible when crossing the bridge.
  • As you pass the bridge, put on your headlights.
  • Observe the other vehicles crossing the bridge before proceeding

  • Overtaking a vehicle in front is possible in the following ways:
  • The vehicle is viewed in the direction of the right.
  • From the left, observe the vehicle.
  • Depending on the width of the road, if you are driving from the left.

  • Drivers of vehicles approaching unguarded railway-level crossings should take the following precautions before crossing:
  • Ensure no trains or trolleys are coming from either side of the railway track after stopping the vehicle on the left side of the road, getting out, and going to the track
  • Cross the track as quickly as you can by sounding your horn
  • The train will pass once you wait.

  • You can distinguish a transport vehicle in what way?
  • Based on the size of the tires
  • According to the vehicle’s color
  • The vehicle’s number plate provides a clue.

  • Is a learner’s permit valid for a certain period?
  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Nine months

  • Among the following types of vehicles, which should have free passage?
  • Vehicles used by the police
  • An ambulance and a fire engine are examples of emergency vehicles.
  • Buses

  • To drive a motor vehicle, the driver must:
  • Keeping to the right
  • Driving on the left
  • The road’s center

  • Fog lamps: when do they come in handy?
  • Overnight
  • In misty weather
  • Dim lights are not used by the opposite vehicle.
Read Also
  • Is there a reason for a red traffic light?
  • Stop
  • Slow down
  • Go

  • Do hospitals allow parking in front of their entrances?
  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s okay if there isn’t a NO PARKING sign.

  • A driver should adhere to the following if they see a slippery road sign:
  • Brake firmly
  • Follow the same pace as before
  • Change gears to reduce speed.

  • Can you drive drunk?
  • Yes
  • No
  • A private vehicle is the only one allowed.

  • What places are prohibited from using horns?
  • Courts and hospitals are nearby.
  • Policing stations are nearby.
  • Worship locations nearby

  • A rearview mirror is used for what purpose?
  • The desire to see you
  • We should use a vehicle’s rearview mirror to observe approaching traffic.
  • Watching backseat passengers

  • Private vehicles have the following records:
  • GCR, Insurance Certificate, Registration Certificate
  • Certificates of registration, certificates of insurance, tokens of taxation, and driving licenses
  • Certificates of registration, permits, and trip sheets

  • Are Pollution Under Control Certificates valid as long as they are issued by the Environment Agency (EA) (PUCC)?
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • One year

  • A vehicle approaching from the opposite direction while you are driving with your headlights on high beam will:
  • Keep to your left as you proceed.
  • Alternately put the headlights on dim and bright.
  • Once the vehicle has passed, dim the headlights.


Can Online Driving Test Is Possible?

Yes, You can apply online for driving test

Which is Question Is Mostly Ask In Test?

Most of the questions related to Vehicle instructions. Whose ask in online Driving licence test.

Which Is Officially Online Site For Online Application Of Learner Licence?

In India Parivahan Web is Providing Online Service For Online Vehicle Related Service.


Follow these Given for full marks in your given licence. You also need to check More test For Driving Licence. Which include Driving License Questions Part 1. Driving License Questions Part 2. Driving License Questions Part 3. Questions Part 4. For You Complete help in test.

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