Vahan Odisha Owner Details With Transport Department & Parivahan

Vahan Odisha owner details doesn’t have to be a complex process. By following steps you will get details of your vehicle. You can navigate the portal effortlessly and gain valuable insights.

Visit & put your details in the required field for vehicle details & other details you want to check from Odisha transport website.

How To Check Vahan Odisha Owner Details?

Some of the steps include in checking vehicle Odisha owner details online. There are two different process for checking vehicle details.

  1. Through Odisha transport Website.
  2. Parivahan Official Website.

Vehicle Details Though Odisha Transport Department Website

Step 1: Visit official website of Odisha Transport Department.

Step 2: They ask you for RC Number of vehicle provide them then number & fill the captcha code & enter on submit the details. 

On the next page you will get the details of your vehicle provided by the transport department.

Odisha Vehicle Details Through Parivahan

Firstly visit Parivahan website.

  • Select “Online Services” in the menu & then click on “vehicle related services’

Select “Online Services” in the menu & then click on “vehicle related services’

 “I accept to have read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for processing of my personal data into the system“  

Now click on proceed.

After that moment you need to wait for a second for web to compile your vehicle data & provide it to you. You can also download your vehicle rc through Parivahan & save it for further use.

Your vehicle details are much important & need for you when you’re having any vahan insurance policy & looking for transforming it to another owner or changing the address of your vehicle registration. Keep your vehicle details secure as you can.


Are The Vahan Odisha Owner Details Always Accurate?

The Vahan portal is designed to provide accurate and reliable information. However, it’s essential to cross-verify details for complete assurance.

Can I Access Vahan Odisha Owner Details For Any Vehicle?

Yes, the Vahan portal allows individuals to access ownership details for any registered vehicle in Odisha.

What Are Important Documents For Checking Vehicle Details Though Odisha Transport?

You need RC Number of your vehicle for checking details.

Can We Check Vahan Odisha Owner Details Through Parivahan?

Yes, you can check your vehicle details though Parivahan easily.

Can I Check My Vehicle Chassis Number Details?

Yes you can check your vehicle chassis number & use it for more details.


Accessing this information provides a wealth of knowledge about the vehicle’s history, previous owners, and other essential details. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that individuals can effortlessly retrieve accurate and up-to-date information. You can get form both website Parivahan & Odisha Transport Department Website

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