How To Check E Challan By Vehicle Number? Car & Bike

In such a situation, if you are caught on the road without a driving license and helmet, etc., your challan will be issued, and you will be fined. Now you’re wondering how to check E Challan By Vehicle Number. 

Persons without a Driving License will soon have a learner’s license, and those who have already applied for it have yet to obtain their Permanent Driving License. You can also check your DL online and download your driver’s license.

In such a situation, any driver who is caught violating the traffic rules on the road will be charged some amount as a fine so that he does not violate these rules again; due to this, awareness has come among the people. And now people shy away from violating traffic rules on the road,

Brief Description Of E-Challan

What is E-Challan?

In violation of traffic rules, some amount is collected from the violator in the form of a penalty or fine; the amount of this fine is called challan. Earlier, this process was offline, and now the transport department has also made this process online. A challan of citizens is issued online; this is called an e-challan; with the help of e-challan, corruption has been reduced, and now the process of issuing and paying challan has also become very easy.

Check E Challan By Vehicle Number

How To Check E Challan By Vehicle Number?

The e-Challan Check By Vehicle Number process is very simple; you can check your challan with the help of your vehicle number by following the information below step by step.

First, visit the Transport Department’s official portal – ​​ 

After this, click on the e-Challan option in the Online Services section. You will be sent to the official website of e-challan – However, if you want, you can directly go to the official website of e-challan.

  • After this, the homepage of the e-challan portal will open in front of you.
  • Now click on “Get Challan Details” here.

  • Now, the Challan Details page will open before you; you will get 3 options – Challan Number, Vehicle Number, and DL Number. Here, you click on the second option, Vehicle Number. Now enter the vehicle, chassis, or engine numbers.
  • After this, enter the captcha code below, then click on the get detail option.

Now, all your challan details will be displayed on the page below. You can also pay your challan by clicking the Pay Now option. Apart from this, you can also check with the help of a challan number and a driving license number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can E Challan Be Disputed?

Yes, e challans can be disputed. However, the process varies, and providing valid evidence to support the dispute is essential.

How To Pay E Challan Online?

Paying e-challans online is convenient. Visit your region’s official traffic department website and follow the payment instructions.

Is The E Challan Amount Fixed?

E challan amounts may vary based on the nature of the violation. It’s crucial to check the details of each challan for accurate information.

What Happens If I Ignore An E Challan?

Ignoring an e-challan can lead to legal consequences, including increased fines and potential license suspension.

Is It Necessary To Check E Challan Regularly?

Regular checks are advisable to stay informed about pending fines and maintain a clean driving record.


Check E Challan By Vehicle Number weekly for updates & get the required process for vehicle details through Parivahan. By checking challan regularly, you will be updated on all the fines & which will help you for a better vehicle experience.  

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