What Are Different Types Of Number Plates? Complete Detail

Types of Number Plates, There are several different kinds of vehicles with other colored number plates. How about the meanings behind these colors? 

The significance of number plates depends on the type of vehicle, so let us tell you about the different types. If you want to buy your first motor vehicle, you should research the types of number plates available.

Different Types Of Number Plates In India – Vehicle Number Plate India

Registration plates must be attached in the front and rear portions of the vehicle with clear visibility by the state’s Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Note: IND is India’s international code.

The Indian number plate industry has eight different types. Some Of the Following are:

  • White number plate.
  • Yellow number plate.
  • Green number plate.
  • Red number plate.
  • Blue number plate.
  • Black number plate.
  • Number plate with an upward-pointing arrow.
  • Red number plate with the Emblem of India.
Types of Number Plates in India

Please read the following section for a complete understanding of these different number plates and their meanings.

Different Types Of The Number Plate And Their Meaning

Indian Vehicle Number Plate – Online Vehicle Number Plate

White Number Plate

White Number plate is the most common vehicle registration plate is a white plate with black lettering. Number plates bearing these letters and numbers are only used for private car purposes. You cannot use these vehicles to transport goods or ferry passengers for commercial purposes.

Yellow Number Plate

These plates feature a black pattern with yellow text. Commercial use is the only permitted use of these vehicle registration plates. A Commercial driver licence must be required for driving such a type of number plate.

Green Number Plate

Electric Car is also known as Green Number Plate, so be alert when you see them on the road. Electric buses and commercial vehicles can both use these.

Black Number Plate

This is a popular number plate for luxury hotels. Furthermore, since these cars are commercial vehicles, drivers don’t need a commercial driving license to operate them on roads.

Red Number Plate

shows that the car is still waiting for its permanent vehicle registration plate to be issued (by the RTO). Vehicles are registered for one month under a temporary registration. It varies from state to state how temporary vehicle registration plates are handled. The Indian government forbids driving with temporary license plates on vehicles.

Blue Number Plate

A vehicle reserved for foreign diplomats is issued a blue number plate with white letters. A number plate with an alphabet on it may consist of IC (International Civil Service), CC (Consular Corps), and UN (United Nations). No state code exists on these license plates; the diplomat’s country code is printed on them. You can decode any diplomat’s country code using the following table.

11Great Britain17China
77United States102Iceland

In Such a Case Your availability to identify a diplomat’s country code the So,Next You See Blue Plate Of Licence.

Number plate with upward-pointing arrow- While observing a military vehicle with close attention, you may have noticed that the number plates are unique in design. There is a Ministry of Defense registration number on those plates.

Broad Arrows are upward-pointing arrows used in many parts of the British Commonwealth in the first and third positions of a license plate. Following the arrow are the two digits corresponding to the year of acquisition. For the serial number, there is a base code. License numbers have a penultimate letter indicating a vehicle’s class.  

Red number plate with the Emblem of India- the Indian Emblem is branded in golden color on this unique number plate. 

Types Of The Number Plate

Number Plates and The Designated User

  • White Number Plate– White number plates are available to ordinary citizens.
  • Yellow Number Plate– Commercial drivers can drive vehicles with a yellow number plate. 
  • Green Number Plate– Green license plates are available for electric vehicle owners.
  • Black Number Plate– Rental car drivers often use automobiles with black number plates featuring yellow letters.
  • Red Number Plate– Usually found on new cars owned by the manufacturer or dealer, a red number plate with white alpha numbers looks just like the car’s paint job.
  • Blue Number Plate– Foreign delegates and ambassadors use blue number plates with white alpha-numerals.
  • Number Plate with upward-pointing arrow- A vehicle with an upward-pointing hand can be driven by military authorities.
  • Red Number Plate displaying the Indian Emblem – The Indian President and state Governors can use cars with red plates bearing the Indian Emblem.

Laws Related To Number Plates

Under the act of Motor Vehicle 1988 An RTO registration and a valid license plate are required for any motorized vehicle operating on Indian roads. MOrth has changed the rules regarding vehicle registration plates to restrict fraud and clear up any confusion. 1989 amendments changed the rules. Updates have been made since 1st October 2020.

  • Using a temporary registration number printed on paper will be an offense under the new update.
  • For temporary Licence plates there is a new color scheme. Rather than a yellow background and red alphabetic, it will have red alpha numerals.
  • Except for the basic English letters and Arabic numerals, MoRTH contains no characters. The new update also prohibits using regional languages, including VIP numbers allocated due to state or union territory auctions.
  • In addition, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) have been upgraded by the Ministry of Roads and Highways. According to the new rule, the number plates must be of the specified size, thickness, and spacing. According to new law, the three parameters have sized at 65mm, 10mm, and 10mm, respectively. Two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles excluded from these rules.
  • BS-VI four-wheelers also included new update. On the number plates of vehicles, a 1 cm green layer required. Furthermore, petrol/diesel/CNG-powered four-wheelers will be subject to these rules.
  • Additionally, the green layer BS-VI four-wheelers will sticker-adorned. Orange will the color of diesel vehicles colored. People will display blue stickers on CNG and petrol vehicles.

We discussed Different number plates. So far, and their color schemes. Vehicle license plates come in various styles that vary in their validity from temporary plates.

Temporary Registration Plate

An RTO assigns temporary registration plates newly registered vehicles that have not yet written. One month is the validity period of the quick registration number plate. MOrth recently updated temporary registration plate norms, requiring alpha numbers to color-coded based on the type of vehicle. 

Temporary Registration Plate

Permanent Registration Plate

All vehicles in India must have endless registration numbers obtained from the Regional Transport Office before You can use them on Indian roads. Every car has a unique identification number known as a permanent registration number.

High-Security Registration Plate

Beginning on 1st April 2019, all vehicles registered after that date must display such plates (HSRP). Old cars with old number plates will change from old to this new norm. Featuring a laser-etched code and an Ashok Chakra hologram, this aluminum registration plate has high-security credentials. 

High-Security Registration Plate

This number plate contains snap-locks, which make impossible tamper with after it tampered with. All vehicles registered in India must have a high-security registration plate that maintains a digital registration record.  

Fancy Number Plate  

You Can customize your font and size of the number plate of your vehicle . Before getting fancy number plates, learn about the new norms associated with personalized number plates.  

Fancy Number Plate  


CMVR 105(2) (ii) and the 177 Motor Vehicle Act each impose a penalty of Rs. 100 for driving with a number plate that displays ‘Applied For.’

Following this information, you can apply for a vehicle registration plate without any hassle because you will know the penalty charges and different types of number plates depending on their color scheme.

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