Check MParivahan Vehicle Insurance Details By Vehicle Number

Having a car is a need, not simply a convenience. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the need for vehicle insurance has become paramount mParivahan vehicle insurance is one of them.

One of the most convenient ways to access and manage your vehicle insurance details in India is through the mParivahan app. Now let’s explore mParivahan vehicle insurance details, its features, advantages, and how it can simplify your life.

What Is mParivahan Vehicle Insurance Details?

mParivahan Vehicle Insurance Details is a feature within the app that allows users to view comprehensive information about their vehicle insurance. It includes policy details, premium payment status, coverage information, and more. This feature simplifies the often tedious process of managing and accessing insurance details.

How To Check mParivahan Vehicle Insurance Details?

Download And Install The mParivahan App

If you haven’t already, visit your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS) and search for “mParivahan.” Download and install the app on your smartphone.

Create Or Log In To Your Profile

Open the mParivahan app and either create a new profile by providing your name, contact information, and a unique password, or log in if you already have an existing profile.

Link Your Vehicle: To access your vehicle’s insurance details, you need to link your vehicle to the app. Follow these steps:

Accessing Insurance Details: Once your vehicle is successfully linked to the app, you can access your insurance details:

  • Navigate to the app’s main menu.
  • Look for the section related to insurance or vehicle services.
  • Click on “Vehicle Insurance Details” or a similar option.

View Your Insurance Information: Inside the “Vehicle Insurance Details” section, you’ll find comprehensive information about your insurance policy, including:

  • Policy number
  • Policy start and end dates
  • Premium payment status
  • Coverage details

Policy Renewal:

If your insurance policy is due for renewal, you can renew it directly through the app. Look for the renewal option within the insurance section.

Check Insurance Validity:

To ensure your vehicle’s insurance is valid, you can verify its current status through the app. This feature allows you to confirm whether your insurance is up to date and active.

mParivahan Vehicle Insurance Details By Vehicle Number

Obtaining car insurance details using a vehicle’s registration number is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through various means, such as online portals, insurance companies, or government databases. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access this valuable information:

Gather The Registration Number

Begin by locating the vehicle’s registration number. This can usually be found on the vehicle’s registration certificate, commonly known as the RC book.

Visit The Official Government Portal

Many countries have official government portals that provide access to car insurance information. Visit the relevant government website and navigate to the section dedicated to vehicle details or insurance.

Visit The Official Government Portal

  • Enter The Registration Number

In the designated section, enter the vehicle’s registration number accurately. Double-check the information to ensure it’s error-free.

  • Retrieve The Information

After entering the registration number, the portal will retrieve the associated car insurance details. This may include the insurance policy’s start and end dates, the policyholder’s name, and the insurance company’s name.

  • Contact The Insurance Company

If the government portal does not provide sufficient information, you can contact the insurance company directly. Provide them with the registration number, and they will assist you in retrieving the necessary details.

FAQ’s mParivahan Vehicle Insurance

How Does MParivahan Vehicle Insurance Work?

MParivahan Insurance provides financial protection in case of accidents or damage to your vehicle. You pay a premium, and in return, the insurer covers the expenses incurred due to covered events.

Is MParivahan Insurance Mandatory For All Vehicles?

Yes, it’s mandatory by law to have at least third-party insurance to drive legally in India.

Can I Renew My MParivahan Insurance Online?

Yes, most insurers offer online renewal options for your convenience.

What Factors Affect My Insurance Premium?

Several factors, including your vehicle type, location, coverage type, driver’s age, and claim history, impact your premium.


In the world of vehicle ownership, MParivahan Vehicle Insurance is your shield against unforeseen circumstances. By understanding the nuances of this insurance, choosing the right coverage, and following safety tips, you can ensure that your vehicle remains protected, and your journeys are worry-free.

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