How to Apply For A Two Wheeler Licence Online & Offline in India

Getting a two-wheeler license in India is important for riding responsibly. You can apply online or visit the office. Online, it’s convenient and done from home.

Are you ready to hit the open road on your trusty two-wheeler? Before you can embark on your journey, it’s essential to ensure that you have the necessary documentation in place, including a valid driving license.

Document Requirements For Two-Wheeler Driving License Application

Two Wheeler Licence
  • Birth certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Educational certificates
  • Address proof (Aadhaar card, voter’s ID card, permanent address proof)
  • Three passport-size photographs
  • Other relevant documents as per the specific guidelines of the state RTO

How To Apply For A Two Wheeler Licence Online In India?

Step 1: Access the Official Parivahan Website

Begin the process by visiting the official Parivahan website, the authorized platform for driving license-related services in India. Once on the website, navigate to the section dedicated to driving license-related services.

Step 2: Select “Driving License Related Services”

Select "Driving License Related Services"

After selecting the web tab, click on the “Driving License Related Services” link to access the specific services related to obtaining a two-wheeler driving license.

Step 3: Choose Your State

Proceed by choosing the state from which you intend to obtain your two-wheeler driving license. This step ensures that the application process aligns with the regulations of your respective state.

Select Your State.

Step 4: Application for Driving License

Select the option “Apply for Driving License” from the menu, initiating the application process for your two-wheeler driving license.

Step 5: Complete Applicant Information

Fill out the applicant information form, providing the necessary details required for obtaining a motorcycle license. Make sure all of the information is correct and current.

Step 6: Upload Required Documents

As part of the online application, upload scanned copies of essential documents. These documents typically include proof of identity, address verification, and age certification, among others.

Step 7: Payment of Application Fee

Proceed to make the payment for the driving license application, ensuring that the fee amount is in accordance with the regulations of your state.

Step 8: Schedule the Two-Wheeler Driving Test

Reserve a time slot for your two-wheeler driving test, as this practical examination is a crucial component of the licensing process.

Step 9: Attend the Driving Test

Attend the scheduled driving test at the designated testing center, demonstrating your proficiency in handling a two-wheeler in accordance with the guidelines.

Step 10: License Delivery

Upon successful completion of the driving test, the two-wheeler driving license will be issued and delivered to your specified address.

How To Apply For Two Wheeler Driver License Offline?

Two Wheeler Driver License Through RTO Office.

To apply for a two-wheeler driver’s license offline, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain Form 4 from the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or download it from the official website.
  2. Fill out the form with the required details and attach the necessary documents, such as proof of identity.
  3. Submit the completed form and documents to the RTO, along with the applicable application fee.


Can I Apply For A Two-Wheeler Driver’s License Online?

Yes, many Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) now offer the option to apply for a two-wheeler driver’s license through their online portal.

What Documents Are Required For The Application Process?

Typically, you will need proof of identity, proof of address, passport-size photographs, and any other documents as specified by the RTO.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Two-Wheeler Driver’s License After Applying?

The processing time varies by RTO, but it generally takes a few weeks to receive the license after successfully completing the application process.

Can I Track The Status Of My Application Online?

Many RTOs provide an online facility to track the status of the license application using the application or reference number.

What Is The Validity Period Of A Two-Wheeler Driver’s License?

The validity period varies by region, but it is typically valid for a few years from the date of issue.


Obtaining a two-wheeler driver’s license, whether through the online or offline process, is an essential step for individuals looking to ride a two-wheeler legally on public roads. Both processes involve submitting the necessary documentation, filling out the required forms, and paying the applicable fees.

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